Why I’m OK With Being Single


I have spent a significant portion of my life focusing a great deal of energy on dating a man, pining over a man, getting over a man, crying over a man or wishing for a man….

Currently, I am 40. I am single. I am content. And I have to say, it feels pretty damn good…..

. Yes I am still a dreamer. I am still the girl who hopes to create a love so powerful and magnificent that it can change the world.

My faith in love has not changed, however my urgency to find it has. I’m quite satisfied focusing my energy on my own personal growth, my passions, my work and my friends and family. Yet although I am comfortable in my single status, I find that often its others that have an issue with it…

And remember, that the most important love is the love you have with yourself. Once you’ve mastered that, the rest will come. All the pieces will fall into place exactly the way they are supposed to. The journey of love is not a destination, rather, it’s one that is brewing inside of you every minute of your life. And one day, when it is time, it will connect with another force of love – whether that love be a person, a passion or a calling. Enjoy the journey.!!!!

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