SONY DSC“Isn’t it awkward how some people say that they are ‘real’ because they are violently cold hearted and always engaging in all kinds of negative behaviors?

But if you ask me, I would tell you that a ‘real person’ is someone who treats others the same way that they would expect others to treat them. Someone who adds positivity to the world instead of polluting it with endless negativity.”

Why i love the north!!!


There is something so disarming about hearing the swaying leaves in the breeze and escaping stress by having a nap on a bed or a hammock.

There is something really settling about a beautiful sunset at the end of the dock. 

There is something calming about taking  calls from the beach or from the end of the dock.

Stopping en route to cottage country (on Highway 11 just north of Orillia) at ,Weber’s Burgers – goes hand-in-hand with a cottage commute. 

Muskoka hello!!!


Hello Muskoka – Oh how i missed you…..

I went to  visit a lovely friend yesterday and enjoyed a beautiful ride down Lake Joseph in 25C weather. A great way to kick off the season.

Overall, my visiting was quite nice and relaxing, which is exactly what I was aiming for , If you’ve never been to Muskoka, I highly recommend it. The nature is truly beautiful there and the little towns and resorts around the area have a lot to offer, both in the summer and winter!!!

Have a sweet day!!!! xo

I am settled up North….


Finally,finally,finally settled down  and finally (phew) publishing my first  Northern travel blog…

Play and relaxing is the key to Stephanie..I love being up north so much, it’s so peaceful

* – my days are going fast….

Today is an absolutely blissful day outside..sunshine, light wind – PERFECTION…


Take care…xo