Who am I????

window c

I can tell you who I am not; I am not a doctor or far from perfect, I am not part of any cult or religion, I do lead a spiritual life… I do have a few qualifications because I like to read & write, but that’s not necessarily important.

I am someone who loves children & all people.

Where there was darkness now there is joy and happiness and I feel passionately about surrounding myself/helping others!!!!


Summer Happiness!!!

A well-known fact that the weather affects our mindset. It is but natural for one to feel gloomy when the sky is filled with dark clouds. The amazing thing about summer is that the spirit of summer is lively, bright, colorful, joyous, and free. Haven’t you noticed how it makes our environment light and easygoing? ?  It feels like there is no darkness, no gloom, no hatred. Everything seems to be renewed in the golden sunlight.!!!!!

Windows open – Blissful!!!!!


Last night I slept with my window open.. Sleeping naked!!!!!

The  night was magical. It was nice and cool, dark, and ambient was great. I had some piano music on to help me fall asleep. One of the most interesting parts of sleeping with the window open is hearing the birds first thing in the morning!!!

We deserve some good sleeping weather in this part of the world every now and then …..