Brief Wave of Chilly Air !!!!


A return to cooler conditions are here!!!!

“After a  rainy and windy two days – I am enjoying the sunshine!!!!

Good news, Trick-or-Treaters — there’s nothing terribly scary about this year’s Halloween forecast.!!!!

Fingers crossed for no rain for the kiddies!!!!!

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!!!! xoxo

Practical Magic!!!!! It’s “Crystal”


Magic – Pick a full moon and dance naked!!!!

When October nears to come to an end , I always get excited for all the Halloween movies coming on TV – witches and werewolves and vampires, oh my! I love it!

Even when I was little, I’d sneak out of bed to watch  Monster Madness on the local TV station.

One of my favourite movies (Halloween or otherwise) is Practical Magic. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are fantastic as  sisters and the soundtrack is great…..

I can watch Practical Magic a million times and still feel the same emotions when Sally and Gillian create the bond of blood, or when the women gather together to form a coven to banish Jimmy’s spirit, or when the Owens women jump off the roof and fly.

When I watched the movie again on Sunday, I realized it was official: I thought the movie was better than the book.


Love note!!!

bruce 2

Helloooooo special PEOPLE,♡

We are moving close to the end of this wonderful year of 2015 and many are contemplating what they have achieved….. as well as reflecting on what they wish to create and prioritize in 2015…. Do you do this? Do you make an inventory at regular times of your achievements and your goals?…… Seriously…..What it is that you want in your life?……. What do you want to let go of…….. and release and replace?……Which patterns do you want to change?……….

This is something that I like to do. At these times I turn to people I see as Elders and Mentors to inspire and enthuse me…….and today I decided I would indulge myself with visiting with ♡the temple!!!!!..

My thoughts today!!!!


Today, we honor Cpl Nathan Cirillo-a soldier remembered. My thoughts are with his family, friends & colleague.

Please take a moment today to remember the lives of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent!!!!!!

“May his life and death inspire all of us to work for greater peace.”

“Lest We Forget”

Halloween is soon……….


The fall season has begun and soon we will be buying candy for trick-or-treaters and possibly even dressing up in costumes of your own. With Halloween just around the corner!!!

If, like me, even though we are to too old to go ‘trick-or-treating’, you still love Halloween, the only options for you & I are to give out candies or parties!!!!

I just think it’s interesting to see people actually making an effort with their outfits rather than just sticking on anything!!!’

I love seeing the children all dressed up in their cute/scary Halloween costumes!! and hearing their little voices “Trick or Treat”!!

  I love the lead up to Halloween, like the whole month of October!

Happy Halloween – BOO!!!!!!

Make a difference Canada!!!

bruce 2

Toronto election day is upon us today!!!!. For those who had not voted in the advance polls, please vote today,  Get – your friends, family, neighbours out for voting. Make sure you exercise your democratic right. Your vote matters. Your voice matters.

Let’s make a difference!!!!

Make your voice count and vote!

Have a great Monday all xoxoxoxo

Start your own very special traditions – for those alone!!!!


It’s called ”THANKS” giving !!! … It’s the day – if possible – to think about the year, challenges we got over; a sense of feeling like maybe we can achieve the same or go beyond in the forthcoming one. Avoid the stress, guilt, anger and depression brought on by social cliches. Make this about what you’ve faced!!!

My suggestion ( if you are alone, or simply want to help) – go help serve Thanksgiving dinner at a soup kitchen or a shelter, and you will be making a difference in the life of someone else.

“Be thankful” – Let’s try not to dwell on what you don’t have!!!