There is only one you! There will never be and never has been anyone like you on the planet! Stop comparing yourself to others. We are all different. You are here to learn to love yourself and to love other people.

Even though every person has measurable things about them, such as height and weight, there’s far more to you than your physical body.

The immeasurable part of you is where your power is.

We are all unique, wonderful beings, each special in our own way.

It is that time of year again!!!


Let the rush begin!  It’s Christmas!! A million things to do and hardly enough time to accomplish them! Oh dear… better hurry!

If you’re anything like me, Christmas is your absolute favorite time of year!  The decorations, Christmas carols, socials, movies….  Really, who has time for rest, right? 

This year, do yourself and your family a favor… slow it down.  Just a bit.  Rest a little more, and try your hardest to remove the word “hurry” from your vocabulary.

Let’s try this together!!

Take a few deep breaths and smile!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!



Spread cheer this Thanksgiving and be grateful for all that you have.

May this season of Thanksgiving bring peace and blessings to your home.
May your year be fully loaded with enormous delights.
Warmest wishes for you this Thanksgiving.

Stephanie xoxoxo

Beautiful day!!!!



A beautiful day in my suite sipping tea, watching the city go by.

What are you doing???

A day  can call “Perfect!”

For me, it’s waking up in the morning with sunshine on my window. Waking up smiling. Rubbing my legs together just wearing my tank top and underwear under a soft blanket. I’m going to press down my hands on my comfortable pillow and finally take a step on the carpet tiles. Standing up and stretching my whole well-rested body in front of my window greeting the light of the sun. Warming my body, I smile and thank the universe for the wonderful day. 

Gentle reminder~~~~~

Then tomorrow  we shall wake up with a smile on our faces greeting a wonderful day!

A Connection!!!!

bruce 2

If you’re in this season wishing for more connection, I want you to know that you’re not alone.  Not at all.  Don’t be thinking that our lives are perfect.

So many of us have family issues over the holidays, people missing from our family tables, financial stress and work obligations that prevent us from being connected.

Be someone this month, if you can muster it, where you know that a connection is in your hands.  You are not a victim–reliant on anyone else, or anything, to help you experience this.  You are a creator of what you want.

Do you ever feel a deep and passionate connection like that to someone, they have no idea why and sometimes it can be disturbing, especially if they’re married or in a monogamous relationship.

It’s fun to explore. :)

Reach out for a connection , and whisper , “I am connected.”


Tis the Season to be Connected!!!




We wait a year to celebrate Christmas. Yet when we plan our celebration, we tend to forget those who serve us unfailingly. We gather around the Christmas tree with friends and family. But we forget to invite those who are alone in this world. This Christmas, bring joy to others with an act of kindness.!!!!

That’s the true spirit of Christmas; people being helped  – “For it is in giving that we receive.”

A hug is a great gift – one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange

My gift to all of you is, PEACE – AND ALL YEAR THROUGH!!!

Just be Yourself!!!!


Emotions are contagious. And people form opinions about others often times in subtle and almost unconscious ways. Now, this may sound a bit silly or like it’s not of that great importance (I certainly do not  think that way at least)

A kind person may seem more handsome when you get to know him.

A handsome person may suddenly not seem that attractive as you are confronted with her negative attitude.

Whatever that is inside of you is always shining out and through in one way or another.

  • “I never think of myself as the best or perfect. What is in other people’s minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing.”
  • Don’t be afraid to be you!-Just be you!!!

Meditation Naked!!!


I realize that life without meditation felt more chaotic, overwhelming and stressful.

Spending time with my own naked body meditating helps relax Stephanie!!!!

I have always had a weird love hate relationship with clothes. When clothes fit right I feel like the fabulous. But when they are tight or hugging me in the wrong way my entire body is filled with extreme anxiety and discomfort!!

But when I’m naked and not being squeezed into something too tight for me I love my curves. I can touch my skin and remember that, wow, I am a living, breathing, beautiful human.

I love being naked. If I’m home and no one is over, chances are I’m naked or wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a tank top.

I’m just left with my thoughts, my feelings, my body and my breath.




One year Anniversary!!!!


I started my blog one year ago ! It’s amazing to think that I only initially intended to write for one month.

I wanted to write about “Helping others at Christmas”. People who were alone at Christmas, depressed , the underprivilege, donating food, toys etc.  I love Christmas, but I do realize not all do.

If I could just even help 1 person reading my blog, I would be blessed.

I did want an outlet for my creativity, a way to explore my voice, to play, and a platform to reach out to people to start a new conversation. I wanted a place where I could explore and share my passions. I have always had a million ideas, so many that sometimes I lack the focus it takes to put a plan together to make them happen. I also lacked the belief that I could withstand the criticism that could come my way, so I sat on the idea for a long time.

I am grateful I have continued to write, and appreciate all of you who participate.

Thank you for reading, for commenting, for following, and for telling me your thoughts one on one.

Stephanie xo