I have so many good things coming up soon!!

I’m planning a photo shoot on a remote beach while I am up North, the Wind In My Hair, the Sand between My Toes, and The Sun Upon My Skin.

I just have to be careful I do not burn my boobies in the sun!!!!

Secondly, I am thinking about planing another trip in Ontario in June – where shall I go……?????





The smell is lovely…..

Hello friends,

I love this time of year when all the flowers are starting to bloom! Well, lilacs are a very favorite. The beautiful colors, and the wonderful aroma! I just wish they would bloom all summer long. When they start flowering lilacs are beautiful in a vase inside.

They are not only beautiful, but so easy to arrange.

They make my heart skip a beat!!!

Have a beautiful day!!

Memorial Day !!!

window c

On Memorial Day, the United States pauses to honor the fallen heroes who died in service to our country.

 Gatherings in small towns and big cities, on battlefields, in cemeteries, and at sacred places throughout our country and around the world to remember the men and women in uniform who gave their lives so that we can live in freedom and security !!

This Memorial Day, I hope you’ll join me in taking a few moments to remember and reflect on the lives sacrificed for our own freedom…to live….




Most of us deal with jealousy in some form, and when it comes up, it’s never pretty.

It might be jealousy when your girlfriend seems interested in someone else, or when one of your best friends becomes close with someone else, or when your parents give a lot of attention to your sibling, or when other people are having more fun than you.

Why do we get jealous? What harm does it do us? How do we overcome it?

I’ll admit that I use to get jealous, and the me that got jealous was not my favorite self. I did not like myself when I get jealous.

So what do I do? I watch myself. I see it happening. I acknowledge it. And then I give myself a hug.

Jealousy isn’t something you can just get rid of immediately, like an old coat you don’t want anymore. It’s a wound that needs healing, a hurt that needs compassion. Moving beyond jealousy is a set of skills you need to learn with practice, and a trust that needs to be earned with time.

Have a great week… See you soon Barrie!!


Good morning everyone, I hope you have had a good start to the new week. The weather is lovely  and so many gorgeous flowers have sprung out already. The beautiful colors really inspire me….

Next week I am off to Barrie, I cannot wait to meet with old friends and new.

I am also doing a photo shoot at some point while in Barrie, Friends new pics will be put up  around the middle of June!!!

Looking forward to going to the beach…..

Why we meet certain people!!!

window c


Tricky question this. Every one has a different take.

I’d say we encounter people, situations etc. by the way we think. You imagine big and leave less space for negative thoughts, you make it big.
Depending on how you think, the kind of people & circumstances that fit, meet you.

There is always a reason behind everything.. Some people teach us some lesson and go and some stays with us forever… We get to learn something from everyone!!!

Today, I received a text from my friend Mr. A saying: “I feel so much more in tune with myself since meeting you”…

I’ve always wanted to help people find themselves and find their spirituality, but in a way where I don’t teach them anything…I just teach them how to find themselves in order to obtain a greater spirituality…

Happy May 24!!!!!!


What a beautiful May 24 weekend approaching us !!!!!! The weather looks amazing! Lot’s of people will be kicking their summer off !!!

I am reconnecting with friends and also some new ones.

Sometimes life can diminish the intimacy we use to enjoy with our partners. Vibrant, active sex lives, and even kissing or cuddling, take a backseat to our hectic routines. Whether due to a lack of one-on-one time, lessened physical energy or a combination of factors, the daily grind can hamper the sexual desire we once took for granted as a major part of our lives.

It is going to be a fabulous weekend! Such a blessing to see regulars I haven’t seen for ages.  And some new clients, such a delight.

I’m not opposed to being a home body and cuddling up with special someones., on this yummy long weekend!!!!

Enjoy friends….



Ménage à Trois!!!!!



I’ve had a lot of threesomes. I’ve had some foursomes, too.  I’ve gained a lot of wisdom & respect!!

Speaking of planning, if the idea of a threesome is titillating to you, it’s a good idea to put a little engineering in place to make your fantasy happen. Being open about fantasies is the first step in making them come true.

You’re going to have a threesome and all three of you have your own rules and limits, so understanding and respecting one another’s comfort levels should be a top priority when you’re establishing your threesome rules.

Threesomes only work for everyone involved if there’s an equal distribution of attention in all directions. When you have a clear head, it’s a lot easier to make sure no one’s feelings are hurt and “that everyone is feeling appreciated appropriately.”

While I generally think it’s positive to push one’s boundaries when it comes to sex, it’s never a good idea to force yourself into a situation you’re not comfortable with.

Done well, with a couple, threesomes can bring a couple closer together.

Done well men with two ladies, very blissful!!

Words from Stephanie!!!!



Words from my heart… I appreciate all your kindness and support. Thank you.
I am not oblivious to know that there is a lot of hate driven madness going on in our world.

I am also no stranger when it comes to being … being taken advantage of by two faced backstabbers that love to talk behind your back and slander your name.  I have endured through and overcome much negative circumstances.

I have been able to accomplish a lot, However, I struggle sometimes to make things work.

I have always worked hard for what I have, and I really do appreciate the little things.

You see, my problems are not problems. Only learning experiences with solutions. There are those with far greater problems than mine. Everyone has problems, and learning to share them is essential. Hiding pain requires an enormous amount of energy… sharing it is liberating.

Hell, I have made many mistakes. I am not a damn robot. I am only human, and I do have feelings. I consistently work hard throughout this Internet  promoting myself and what I do.

Look, what I am trying to say here is that no matter what you do in life, there will always be those Negative Nancy’s out there. You have to see past them… I see through my heart.

I have made many sacrifices… I have worked very hard in all aspects of my life. Turning my negative experiences around, only to use them as positive examples to help Inspire and encourage others. I do not do this to be popular, get the most friends, or the likes, etc.

I am trying the best that I possibly can here to be a positive example and possibly shine a little bit of light in this dark and crazy mixed up world that we live in.

If you would have told me 7 years ago that I would be doing all this, and have accomplished so much, I would have literally laughed…

Life is full of valuable lessons… if we open our hearts to see them.