I am a Companion. I am a human being!


I became Stephanie because of curiosity, I feel my  line of companionship as part of my passion.

While there’s no doubt that the donations I receive is great, the clients I meet are wonderful. I made the right choice in doing what I love – it has turned out great for me.

Everyone, from cooks to caretakers, from cleaners to prostitutes, takes up their work for a mix of reasons, and a noble calling is often not one of them.

I’m not a celebrity, I.m not perfect nor the best. I am an escort.

For about 3 years, I’ve written honestly about my life as an escort –   I never intend to glamorize my profession, and I don’t list expensive gifts I receive or want or items I buy for myself.

I use my blog online to write as accurately as I can about my thoughts, mostly because I need that outlet for my own mental and emotional reasons. I do my best to not make my situation seem simplistic or easy to categorize. While I often write from my heart, I sometimes write about my company I enjoy, I also share my occasional fear, my past, sadness. 

At the end of the day, I do not care where you come from.  I do not care about what you believe in.  I do not care about your future or past, treat me like a human being and you will be treated the same.


Back home again…..



It’s good to be back home in Mississauga.!  I had a great trip last week! 

I have to admit that it felt good to arrive in Mississauga today. There’s something about being in familiar surroundings that is very comfortable.

Thank you so much to all of you who spent time with me in BARRIE!!!!. This is such a wonderful community, and I appreciate every single one of you. I believe it’s so important to thank people.

I will be in Mississauga until July 4th, then I am on the road again to Durham!!!!

 I will endeavour to catch up with you all over the next week!!!. Have a really great day!!!


My morning at the beach!!!

 susan small

I got up very early and got dressed – white shirt, shorts . It was a lovely morning and I decide to go for a walk. Very soon I was walking along side the beach. The water looked very inviting and I soon sat down on the water’s edge. Before I knew it, my feet were immersed in the water  becoming soaked. What a great feeling, I had to go further and I quickly slid down into the cool water. The water pouring into my thong, there was no going back now, and soon my white shirt was stuck to my skin and completely see through. I splashed about for a while before climbing out. I continued my walk, dripping wet. I got a few strange glances from other walkers, but I didn’t care, I was feeling on top of the world.

Goodmorning friends…..


As the breeze from the morning air touches your face, always have it in mind that someone far away is thinking of you and wishing you a great day ahead. Good morning!

I am in Barrie till Monday morning, then I am back home in Mississauga for a week..

Have a great weekend!!!!

Loving my beach here!!!!



Everyone has a place where they go to escape all the pressures and worries of life. There is always that one spot that can soothe all your problems and troubles in times of stress. For me, the beach is the ultimate cure for relaxation. While I am here, all of my obligations are suddenly erased.

As I sit in my chair I can see all the sights of summer – children building sand castles along the waters edge, to my right I observe an elderly couple indulged in a good book.

All these different feelings make this place my special paradise...

I am walking along a beach. It is not just any beach; it is my beach. Of course not really, but I call it “my beach”.  It is a beach in BARRIE!!

The day is warm and a nice breeze, it was the perfect weather to go to the beach.

I am really falling in love with BARRIE!!!!

Happy Fathers Day!!!



Happy Father’s Day means more than flowers and gifts. It means saying ‘Thank You’
It means saying ‘I Love You’ – You are the best dad, and my best friend
Today is your day. Let’s celebrate !!.

I hope you guys all have an awesome father’s day and get to spend it with those you love most!

Back in Mississauga for 3 days.


Hello Friends,

Thank you Durham, sorry I could not meet up with some of you, but I will be back at the beginning of July after the long weekend…to all you early birds in Durham, thank you so much for my morning lattes…. Nothing better then coffee and lusting early mornings.

I am back in Mississauga for a few days only – I am here available Thurs. Fri. Sat.

Sunday I will be going back to Barrie!!!

Have a great rest of the week!!


Kindness over Hate!!!!




Words fail me because I  think , what will become of the world that we live in when hate and pain and senseless violence is flooding our news outlets are becoming the norm.

It’s hard to stomach living in a world where I’ve woken up  this weekend to another tragedy  – another brutal attack.

 I don’t want to believe we live in a world where people are threatened, harmed, hated, killed, every single day because someone else has a problem with who they love. I don’t want to believe that I live in a world where we have to fear going to school, or going to a bar, or going to a movie theater, or going to a concert.

Maybe these things happen to remind us just how precious and fragile life is. Maybe it’s to remind us to never go to bed mad at someone else, to always say sorry, to always make amends.

I think we often forget how lucky we really are  –  myself included. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of our own lives that we forget just how lucky we are to have this life and to have the privilege to live it.

Be kinder – Please let kind win!

Every time we Tweet, blog or even converse , why don’t we all try to be a bit more positive and constructive?  We’ll all benefit.