Have a great long weekend!!

ice cream

Do you ever feel like your life is just flashing before your eyes like I feel this second as I write this post wondering how it got to be almost August already?!

I’m excited for this long weekend (because one of my favorite things in life is a three day weekend),  “holiday weekend” type foods (ice cream), and just resting my brain a bit (or trying to, at least).

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend, you party animals! I’ll be in Mississauga.

Have a great long weekend, everyone!

In Control!!!


Here I am staring at an email in my inbox.  My temper starts to rise. Emotions rolling. “What? How dare you say  this to me! You just don’t understand!” Then, I stopped. The reality hit me, full force, that I was reacting to the situation. 

You can not control the situation but you can control your reaction to the situation. The words are much easier said than practiced , but can transform your life when you dedicate yourself to them. Learning to separate ourselves from what happens to us and beginning to see how we respond to it is the best gift you can give yourself.

We are not in control of what happens. Sure, we can make decisions, but regardless of what decisions we make, there will always be outside influences that affect situations. Sometimes, there are accidents, regardless of the decisions we make, despite the most rigorous contingency plans, some things can never be foreseen. We are, however, in control of many things; our reactions, thoughts, words, and feelings. You are the ruler of your self. You are the Queen (or King) of your reaction to any situation, at any time, in any place.


We can’t control other people and we can’t control our environment (we can create it, just not completely control it). The one thing over which we can exert, and maintain control of, is our self and the way we respond to any, and every, situation. Looking at what happened when I received that email, my immediate response was to get upset. In the past years ago, I probably would have hit reply and sent an emotional, and possibly quite detrimental, response. It’s taken practice, but I am now able to stop, breathe and take a minute to observe my reaction and emotions. I remembered the advice I had just given to others when they told me about tough situations that had happened to them. I observed: where will my anger lead me and is it to a positive place? Probably not. Will anger affect positive change? I’m thinking, No. 

The result? I am back to my calm, happy self. I am ready to send out my next email maintaining the same confidence. I sustained a relationship. Most importantly, I had another reinforcing moment of practicing examining my reaction to situations instead of getting wrapped up in the emotion of the situation.

It’s good to be a Queen.

Sunday Loving!!!!

susan small

I am in my love nest here in Mississauga and am staying here till Aug 2nd… I just need some Mississauga time.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a special connection with water.  My mom called me her little mermaid and when I was little I was convinced that I was one.  To me the beach isn’t just water and sand, its magic. It has special powers that few know about.

The beach is a great place to relieve the soul – crushing stress you build up.

After I visit the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.  

 Where will you find me? You will find me at the beach some days!!!!


window c

The other night I felt overcome by sadness as I reflected upon all the suffering of this world.

When we rise in the morning and listen to the radio or read the newspaper, we are confronted with the same sad news: violence, crime, wars, and disasters. I cannot recall a single day without a report of something terrible happening somewhere.

In many ways technically I have so much in this life to be happy about. I have a great life.  Nevertheless, a part of me will always be sad as long as there is suffering in this world.

Life is bittersweet.  And that’s okay with me.  Happiness without sadness would not be complete…as long as suffering persists.

I sat with the feelings of sadness, gazing at the dark night sky.  I didn’t try to push them away.

Usually, we want to move away from sadness as quickly as possible.   I instead of turning away from sadness, allowing it in and even embracing it.

My heart goes out to all victims of terrorism, violence, no matter where they are from.


Home for a few days!!!



Be it ever so humble, I can say there’s no place like home.  These famous words reflect on the importance of my home.  Indeed, luxurious homes, and glittering palaces seem nothing in comparison with peace and serenity that even the humblest hut provides.

Home is where the heart is. All my innermost feelings, affection and devotion are concentrated in that one little place in the world, the place where I keep going back to, that is my home.

It is the place to which I keep returning to all the time – it is the place I can never erase from my mind.


Kingston saying goodbye tomorrow….


Kingston has been awesome – Mississauga I am back (tommorow) Wed July 20th for a few days again….xoxo


Awesome Life Tip !!!!!

Introverts aren’t weird and extroverts aren’t annoying. We’re all just different, and that’s perfectly okay.  Let us all try to stop judging and labeling others just because they’re not like us. Take the time to learn something from them, get to know who they are and grow as an individual. If you only know people like you, you’re going to get stuck.



Kingston here I come…..




Mississauga I am here early Monday morning…. Leaving for Kingston around 10am.

Monday in Kingston, till Thursday… Then I will be in Mississauga for a short time again.. Friday thru till Monday morning!!!

Summer, hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer, life gets better!!!!

Because it is summer – the memories are just waiting to happen.



My day with my girlfriend Alexandra!!!


Well, today, I will talk about my day with Alexandra in bed with a few gentlemen…

We start our morning with Mr. A.  So we lie down on the bed, and we both start rubbing his back, as he wants to be pampered.

We  are all  in a zone, and then the guy starts kissing us both. One thing leads to another, and we’re pretty much all making out. We all end up pretty much enjoying each other’s company for 90 minutes. It felt really good, and crazy, and in the back of my mind, I was definitely thinking, “Who am I? Is this really happening?!” WOW!!!!

Mr. A. leaves, now Mr. B is about to show up… Alexandra and I quickly jump in the shower, soap each other up.  We give each other a quick kiss, and express how much we enjoy being together.

Mr. B is now here, settle him in, and off to bed we go again. & history repeats itself again. And then again.

“I like the teamwork aspect of it,” myself and Alexandra just mesh well. “At the end of our day, the two of us, showered up again, chatted and we just felt so much closer. We totally adore one another and compliment each other all the time. I actually love her

It was a fantastic day had by all..


Thank you London!

27543274463_9aa2f4fd47_k (3)

London was fantastic, the iced coffees, wine, beach and much more. Thank you for your lovely hospitality and kindness!!  I will return to you lovelies again.

I am back in Mississauga for short time – weekend only, then Monday morning I am heading to Kingston …

The weather is hot, but cool indoors…

Wishing everyone a great weekend!!!



Grand bend – Love you!!


The day started like any other. It was a calm and sunny Wed. morning in summer. I woke up a lot earlier than usual because something exciting was going to happen! Quickly dressed up and prepared for the things I would have to bring away, I ran downstairs and had breakfast at my hotel. After everything was all set and done, I was ready to begin my journey to the beach!

Grand bend was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen in my life. It was about noon time. The beach was not very crowded with people. The weather was so good that we could hardly see any cloud in the sky.

I sank myself into the cool water and let the force exerted from the waves combined with the currents fill my spirits.

Thank you Mr. A, for my date at Grand Bend, loved it…