Having you in my life is the sweetest treat! Wishing you a very Happy Halloween!!


May you get all the treats that you want. Happy Halloween!

I want your Halloween be filled with magic, spirits and treats. I wish you all the luck on this Halloween!  Be whoever you want to be, I won’t judge you.

I am scared, will you spend Halloween with me????

Come snuggle with your bunny!!!!


Halloween – BOO!!!!


Halloween today is celebrated by millions of people as a fun time for kids & adults–putting on costumes and going door-to-door to get candy. But it is also known as a time of witches, goblins, and ghosts.

Halloween is one of my favorite time of year. Magic in many forms all around! As a child dressing up in homemade costume pretending to be someone or something different for an evening felt more normal than not.

Halloween is a great day to be daring….Dress up, have your friends over for a Halloween dinner dressed in something , eat, dance, have fun. Nice excuse for getting in some fun  time !

This is the one time of year we get to pretend to be something we are not or something we would like to be without judgment. Embrace this time with playful, creative energy freeing your spirit from everyday fashions !!!

Have a fun Fantastic Halloween!!!

My Life!!!!

window c

I have been single in my personal life for 8 years.  For years I have been getting the third degree about it (mostly from friends). But my life is simple. I live in a very small studio apartment in a quite neighborhood and close to my main interests-parks, water, beauty. I don’t own a bunch of stuff – I keep my possessions limited to the things I really like and have a use for. Why clutter my living space with junk I don’t need? Keeping my apartment clean is a breeze.

I go on dates whenever I want. I’m investing nicely for retirement.

I am rarely bored. There is so much to explore and learn and get out of life.

I am quite happy living my simplified life.

I am here. Barrie. I feel at home!!!


It has now become my favorite place to be, big call I know.

Every time I am here, I always feel at home.

Yet when I am back home, I feel the pull to return here, the place I call home.

As I’ve traveled around over the last few years, I’ve confirmed that if we don’t feel safe, it’s impossible to feel at home. As a result, there have been places I thought I’d stay for days that I ended up leaving after a day, and there are places I thought I’d spend one night and ended up going back.

Barrie is one of those places I keep going back!!!!!

I love you !!!!

Fat and Floppy breasts!!!!

I can’t begin to imagine what would make someone so angry that they would take the time to post a comment on a review board when I posted a new picture.


Omg, Stephanie change your pictures you are fat and have floppy breasts.

I really do not need to talk about this, as the moderator deleted this on his own within a half hour after it had been released in public .

Genuinely I feel sorry that there is someone out there who felt the need to send such a post. I have no idea what is going on in this person’s life, however I sincerely hope that this person is able to talk with someone and get some help.

So, here’s to all the haters out there.If you’re bored enough to waste your time insulting and discouraging people,  well,  we can do you the honor of turning your negativity into something positive .Thanks!

As Taylor Swift would say, “haters gonna hate, I’m just gonna shake it off.”

Sorry I am not PERFECT!!!!!

Into the woods for a new pic!!!


I  got out today to experience some fresh air and the smells of the forest. it’s one of my favorite therapies.

I often feel this “pull” toward it. How wonderful it would be to have a beautiful tiny home all to myself. I’d love to be able to look up at the stars and experience quiet enjoyment of solitude.

I love the woods. Always will!!!

Farewell Durham.


Thank you so much Durham.  I will see you guys next month again.

I am back home in Mississauga till Monday… then I go to the North again – Barrie!!!

“To wander is to be alive.” “My spirit gets nourished in different places. I seek the excitement and change that comes of being in a place where nobody knows me. (YET)

New pic in the woods!!!



I enjoy the woods for as long as I can remember I used to trek around learning my uncle’s farm lands like the back of my hand. I grew up surrounded by the woods . I did it all growing up, up North – camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking. Anything to get outdoors. I am more comfortable in the woods than in a huge city full of people.

Quite often, I find myself day dreaming of running off into the woods to live. How peaceful that would be.

The air soothes me, as my lungs are filled, healing my mind, body, and spirit, refreshing me. This is when I feel most at peace. Nature is beautiful, simply magical.



Touring can get draining sometimes, but I realize that what I am doing I love.

Touring is the most incredible experiences.  The best part of touring is meeting new people, and seeing the same people from your previous trip.

I’m just going to keep going. For me, the most important thing is that I have fun.

 I sometimes turn around, look at my life and decide if this moment, this place makes my pulse race and my heart pump. If there’s not a fluttering feeling in the deepest part of my soul.  Time to leave, get out of this place, go somewhere, anywhere, sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom.

Currently I  have been experiencing where I visit a city and love it so much that it feels weird going home.  It is a feeling where I am not wanting to go home to my comfortable bed.  This is a feeling I will need to be aware of.  A feeling I cannot ignore. Is it time for a move??

Catch me while you can!!!!


then Downtown Toronto – Financial district…


Waste time!!!


I sometimes wonder if people think I am ?????, with some of the texting, emails, calls… I receive.examples. *Hey you available, or *Hey, or *what are your services – !!!!!!!

I always say – to myself after hearing or reading these one words or a couple of words, I DID NOT FALL OFF A TURNIP TRUCK!!!!

I truly have become very picky in whom I invest my time with, wasted time is worse than wasted money in my opinion.

Never give someone the opportunity to waste your time twice.

When we are giving someone our time, we are giving them a portion of our life.  We will never get that back.  So be wise with your time. Do not waste it.

Remember Quiet people have the loudest minds!!!!