Opps, I have been a Naughty girl!!! Merry Christmas Mississauga!!!!


Back in Mississauga – Wed. Nov. 30th – Dec.11th!!!  HO HO HO!!!

I can’t believe it…I actually saw Santa Claus this morning – he brought be a double double coffee from Tims, presents this morning at my hotel suite in BARRIE..He knocked on my door – THERE HE WAS…I got to see him leaving me my white noise travelling machine, adult toys and we drank our coffee together.

I even got to kiss Santa and cuddle with him!!!!  He told me I have been a naughty girl this year!!  But also a good girl…………

Thank you Santa in Barrie for the wonderful festive morning!!

He’s makin’ a list. And checkin’ it twice. He’s gonna find out who’s naughty…
Are you naughty?



New Photos – Barrie Monday!!!!



The presents are wrapped, the festivities at a high,  life this time of year is chaos. With lots bustle and swing to occupy my time, I tend to be very busy!!!

I’ve made a list (and checked it twice) of things I’m looking forward to in the next few days.

As we look ahead to a new month, I’m excited for a new chapter to unfold. I’m not entirely sure what it will look like, but I am hopeful that it’ll be a little less chaotic.

SUNDAY – NEW PHOTOS  yes again, I am doing another photo shoot Sunday morning.

MONDAY – Going back to my favorite place – BARRIE!!!

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you share what you are looking forward to this coming week. Enjoy your week and celebrations.

Who knows what opportunities may await us?

Tough time!!!

norm-painting A painting of me….xoxo

I just wanted to add a quick note. You know, this can be a really tough time of the year for a lot of folks. Many are more down and out this time of the season that any other, and I wanted to say I feel for you if you’re in that situation.

All the extra emphasis on feeling wonderful just makes it worse, doesn’t it?  If you’re in that boat, just know it’s alright and there are people out there, all over the world, that know exactly what you’re talking about. Sometimes the best thing about the holidays is when they end.  Don’t worry, they will, and so will that heavy feeling on your heart.

 Hang in there!!!!!!

Christmas loving!!

 I believe that the Christmas spirit lives inside of us all year long. It is a warm and happy feeling that surrounds us with peace. It is in giving to others and enjoying their happiness.
It is being kind, loving everyone, laughing, being with loved ones, celebrating the true meaning of the holiday, and being joyful. Fireplaces, baking, hot cocoa, wine, wrapping gifts, snowfall, decorating, holiday songs, holiday films, and so much more!.
Warm blessings. Xo
Tis the season for Stephanie to be travelling – I will be taking the Christmas spirit with me……
Mississauga now till Monday!!
Barrie – Monday till I am not sure!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Here at Stephanie’s, I am very grateful to all of you who read my blog. I love getting to know you guys, and are thankful that you spend your  time with me. 🙂

But I want each and every one of you to know how special you are to me.

Thank you for reading my blog, for commenting or emailing, for sending good vibes my way, for the memories and the support over the years!!

For those celebrating Thanksgiving this week, Happy Thanksgiving.  For those who are not, Happy Thanksgiving anyway. Know that I’m grateful for you all and so very blessed by you!

Have a great holiday  with family and friends. And for everyone outside of the U.S. – have a great Thursday!

Decorate the tree!!!



I’m probably the happiest lady in all of Toronto this week because I got the tree up (well, I have a tree decorator come over and decorate it for me)

Whenever you begin decorating for the holidays, I wish you a wonderful time decorating!

My favorite color is pink, so therefor so is my tree.  It’s 6 feet tall with pink and white holiday fun!!

It’s so magical having the tree up again!  I love waking up in the morning and turning on the lights and immediately the house feels warm and cozy.  If it were up to me we would have Christmas trees up for five months out of the year.  At least.

Is the tree set up in your house yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  It’s better that you get it done sooner so you can enjoy it longer.  You’ll have to put it away again before you know it!  Winking smile

Wishing you all a happy  week!  And happy tree decorating.!!  let your lights shine!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!


The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! But for some, it’s anything but wonderful. For those of us who have a roof over our heads, food to eat, relatives to enjoy, jobs to work and finances to ring in the season’s cheer, please take time to help those who are struggling.

Be kind to one another in heavy traffic, and if you’re in the drive – thru at your favorite fast-food place, pay for the person behind you.

Be generous to strangers when shopping and offer a smile while waiting in line.

There are those who are dealing with alcoholism, depression and other life-threatening problems. Lift them up with words of support.

There are so many great ways to reach out…perhaps invite someone outside the family to Christmas dinner, donate to the Salvation Army, adopt a foster child through World Vision,  purchase gifts for struggling families, give to your local food bank..  There is no end to ways that you can be a blessing to others during this time of year.

Truly, some of the happiest people I know are the most giving people. Stinginess does not bring happiness. It may thicken a wallet or bank account but it does not bring real joy. Giving does!

Go out and be a blessing to others!!!!!

Stephanie and Alexandra together Friday!!!!!

Alexandra my love!!!


Stephanie me!!!

Nothing like a female pair wanting you to come over and play with us on Fri.

Two tall, beautiful curvaceous blonde & brunette, friendly, loving, naughty, nice……

Actually to be honest with you,  At this point in my life, I am 100 percent attracted to women and 100 percent attracted to men.

I am very attracted to Alexandra and she is my favorite lady, inside the bedroom and outside!!!!

Alexandra is at my place Friday day – Come play!!!!! Fri – 9.30am till 3pm  xoxo


Stephanie’s rest of November!!

bruce 2

First off – May the rest of this month bring you success and well-being in your professional and personal life!

Stephanie is back in Mississauga – till Mon. Nov. 21st, then I am going to Durham region.

Barrie the end of Nov.

The end of Nov. is another photo- shoot, naked by my tree. 

It’s so fun to see different months, different seasons, and to see many different opportunities to be happy, or to do something that will make you even more positive! Make sure you make every day count. Happy  days!