Lots of travels in February!!!!



Groundhog Day may be just around the corner,This month has gone by so fast. I can’t believe that it is already almost February.

Another few days and I will turn the calendar page from January to the month of LOVE- February,

Happy New Month everyone.

May all of your previous failures turn into success this month.

A fantastic February awaits you. You will jump for joy and leap in victory. No more negativity, its your turn to celebrate!

And, if you were born in FEBRUARY I say happy birthday to you!

I will be visiting you…..

Kitchener – Feb. 01 – 3rd

Barrie – Feb. 9th – 12th

Niagara Falls –  Feb. 21 – 24th


All work and no play!!!


You know the saying: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

If you are lucky enough, work will always be viewed as play time – an outlet for creativity, a time for friends, and a feeling of purpose. However, pulling the plug on meetings and conference calls can be good for your health. No matter how much you love what you do, there will always be a few hard days in with the good ones.

I’m fortunate, because I do love my job. It has been a journey of making the right steps and making some mis-steps.

I love my job because my clients make me feel appreciated. They put their trust in me, and it means a lot to me. It gives me a true sense of accomplishment to see my clients happy with themselves.

Next time you’re on your way into your place of work ask yourself, “Does my job inspire me

No makeup kind of gal!!


32445998576_3e69735d4f_kSo the reason I don’t wear makeup is because I am lazy. And don’t get me wrong   –  I am as much a sucker for the newest anti aging cream as the next women.

I don’t doubt there are women out there who wear makeup for their own enjoyment. But that’s not the case for me.

Five of those minutes are me brushing my teeth, washing my face and moisturizing, and the other five are me getting dressed and getting the rest of my sh*t together. And then boom, I’m done. That’s right. I don’t even use concealer. Or foundation. I’m actually not even sure what the difference between those is.

More important than that though, I am comfortable with my look I don’t hate what I see when I look in the mirror. Even if others don’t agree.

Lumber Jack type of gal!!!



Brrrrr. It was a little chilly doing a shoot with no clothes on outside in the snow!!!

It did snow a bit the day of my shoot in Barrie, I really did love going out into the woods naked for about a half hour, walking, sitting even lying down. (See Snow in my photos). I found it invigorating, provided I did not stay out too long.

Barrie I miss you….

Looking forward to some more snow this winter!!!!

Have a Sweet Weekend!!!


Every morning, get into a good mood and try to stay in a positive frame of mind and think good thoughts. Be thankful for the good things in life and that will set the mood for the rest of the day and you will find success. Give love and you will get it back in return. Morning is the best time to set the tone for the rest of the day. Speak good things to yourself and fill your brain with all that is good and that will lead you into your destiny.
Good morning and have a wonderful day.
Have a sweet weekend!

I will be staying in Mississauga for the week.

Fri, Join us – Stephanie & Alexandra!


Alex your brunette


Stephanie your blonde!!


Alexandra is here with me Friday Jan. 20th – 9.30am till 3pm!!

Ask any guy what’s on his sex bucket list, and a threesome is likely the first bullet point. And if he’s been lucky enough to already have one, the line item probably reads, “Have another threesome.”

Why?  Because what else could possibly be better than having not one, but two people in bed with you to get nasty with? I mean sure, there are some practicalities involved. For instance, you need to find a third willing partner (Alexandra). And of course, there’s the art of making sure that no one feels too left out during the act. But when it’s done correctly, there’s pretty much nothing that tops a steamy, successful menage a trois.

Escorts supporting each other.


In some shape or form, we are born to compete. Endless messages are thrown at us telling us we need to be taller, skinnier, prettier, or smarter. Many of us ladies feel we are not good enough and become envious. But what good has ever come out of judgement, jealousy, and petty competition? It’s draining, demeaning, and gets us nowhere. When we try to unconditionally be kind to the people around us, so much good comes from it! Teamwork, inspiration, and love are just a few things we end up with..

 The strongest women are those that build up the women around them, instead of tearing them down. Support, encourage, celebrate, and love the women in your life because we are capable of so much and our fullest potential can only be realized when we feel safe and supported by those we surround ourselves with.

Surround yourself with a group of women that challenge you and inspire you! 

Support the women around you. We’re all in this together and remember, it’s not all about you!!!!

Home again….


I’m going to be completely honest with you, by yesterday evening I was filled with glee because I was glad I was back home in my own bed.

The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.

A new friend asked me –   Stephanie what is the difference in  STEPHANIE *making people happy* and *showing compassion* I thought to myself and –  I think the answer is *it’s all in my heart*

I do know that there are alot of lonely people.  As I rubbed his bare arms with my hands he said, “Your touches make me warm.”

That’s all it takes, and I was blessed by his sweet words.




Never underestimate the power of our intuition. Some of us recognize the game before you even play it.

Never EVER play games with a person who knows how to play them better.

It becomes amusing when someone is totally lying to you.

Do not underestimate me – I know alot more then I say,  and notice more then you think.

The only type of games I like to play and respect are bedroom games!

Barrie coming to play in the snow!!




When I’m out here, it’s just like a whole other world. It’s just so beautiful and peaceful and quiet, I just love it,

Thursday at 11am I will be taking these clothes off and doing a photo shoot in the snow.

The theme – snow, boots, mittens, hat. snowangels. 

There is something beautiful about getting naked in the snow, it makes me believe I am special…

See you Wed afternoon Barrie – looking forward to new adventures and catching up.