Happy Canada Day!!!!



Do you ever feel like your life is just flashing before your eyes like I feel this second as I write this post wondering how it got to be July already?!

To all of my friends everywhere: I want to wish you a great Canada weekend.

I’m excited for this long weekend (because one of my favorite things in life is Canada Day),

Regardless of what you’re up to , Do something fantastic. Make some special memories. Beginning… Now.


I am her!!!!!!



She is not the type of women you play games with.  You must be smart enough to know that.  She feeds off the rare souls.  

She thrives off respect,  and she only surrounds herself with respectful gentlemen.  

She is the type of women a man needs on her team.  Not only does she turn your weakness into strengths but the way she handles you she will bring you to a place you’ve never been before.  Her touches will make you melt.  To know her is to respect her.

 She does not allow just anyone to get close. After all, she knows not everyone is deserving of her lust.  

Respect she gives.



Happy Saturday!!!!


It is the Weekend, wishing you days full of sunny smiles & happy thoughts!!!!

Don’t shy away from compliments, they are wonderful gifts. Accept them with love and gratitude.

Windows are opened with a beautiful breeze!!!!  It is a window opening day as I hear my wind chimes – it gives me such peace,  which tinkle in the breeze and I love them.

It’s a perfect day outside!

Good morning Friends..


Don’t you feel happy when you get up in the morning, check your phone and read a beautiful good day messages from someone near or dear? The feeling of joy that we get on reading those wonderful good day messages helps us to start our day with more enthusiasm and joy. Same is with others!! It hardly takes a minute or two, in sending a good day message to someone but that simple message can boost up one’s mood and can help that person to start the day on the  positive note.

“How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.”


Happy Father’s Day!!!



Happy Fathers day to all the Dads, Step-Dads, Grand-dads, out there who are blessed on this special day.

Happy Fathers day to the single Moms out there, doing it all…. Stay Strong!!!

For the Dads in heaven, always in your hearts.

I wish you tons of happiness, because that is what you deserve.

You have made the world a better place.

Still in Mississauga.


So many times in life you start to second guess what you are doing because not everyone may agree with the path you have taken in life. But that is the beauty of it! It is your life!! Follow your own path!!

We are all not meant to lead parallel lives. Life would be boring that way! Follow your dreams…follow your heart!

I know I am here for a purpose! It is to help others!

You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination that you ever needed.