Exciting weekend with Skylarr Black Sunday!!!



I have noticed my bedroom activities heating up in the past month. 

It has been a lovely September!!!

 Men want more play time in the fall, according to new research.

Sunday from noon till 6pm Skylarr will be with me.  Care to join us????

Catch us before we go on our tour up North!!! 

 As you start and end your day, say ‘thank you’ for every little things in your life. And you will come to realize how blessed you truly are.









The world seems to be burning up in flames. There is chaos everywhere I look.

My social/news feeds, texts, emails, never fail to share with me daily violence that is erupting in streets around the world. Car bombs, shootings, stabbings, aggressive protests, hurricanes, tornados,  fires raging, hate fueling, jealousy, negativity, and fear hovering over every one of us.

And all that is on top of natural disasters, heat waves and famines, lack of drinking water, and other horrific conditions burdening people all over.

My heart is twisted in knots.

I worry about what is going on all over the globe, because I truly care.

Here is the thing. I know I’m not the only one. I know that some people are feeling the things I am feeling. I know that everyone has different circumstances in their life calling for their attention and draining them emotionally. Housing situations, transitions,  sick families, financial crisis, friendships hanging on by a thread, and other threats that bombard our weary souls. THIS…all in addition to watching or being directly affected by the chaos happening in the world.

It feels as though peace has left the earth…but I want to assure you it hasn’t.

When we are chaotic and we act out of our anxiousness or fear, we are not able to experience peace. We need to be gentle in the way that we treat others and we need to be gentle in the way we move ourselves. And not just when we are around friends, strangers…we need to be gentle in our homes. We need gentleness to be genuine.

Feeling Hot – Hot – Hot!!!!!


Don’t get too excited for your pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters just yet!!!  It is hot!!!!

Fall is great isn’t it? It’s still pretty hot, (though it’s cooling off towards the end of the week)

I feel the most alive in the fall, not running for the heat or for the AC, Windows opened!!

Whether you like it or not,  it is all about change soon. The season is changing. The weather (in most places) is changing. Change is all around us and it’s deliciously intoxicating. Though many people think of the New Year as a time for change, a time to make resolutions, I’ve always thought of fall as a great time to change things up. I guess this comes from the fact that, as a kid, fall is the new (school) year. After years and years of getting used to the idea that things would be new in September, I’ve kind of gotten used to thinking of fall as a time for new beginnings, and that’s one of the most wonderful things about this time of year.

Energy brings goodness.

Buddhist temple in Niagara!!!


As I arrived to the Buddhist temple, I was overwhelmed with its gorgeous Asian architecture.

” It is such a beautiful temple and the structure of it all is breath taking precious!”

I met a very good meditation master and I consider him not only a teacher but a friend .The temple itself is very conductive to meditation and spiritual development.

 I immediately felt like I was in another country, with all the Chinese calligraphy as well as the seven story temple-like structure.

 A very peaceful place, full of knowledge and gentle people. I found a source of life I did not expect on this journey. I met one of the kindest monks and knowledgeable in his own culture who took me for a tour.  I’ve been very honored and happy for finding this place.

 An unforgettable and must-see place to visit.

Happy beautiful Fall Friends!!!


Happy first day of fall, and that day is today. Today, the sun shines directly on us, on this very hot beautiful day.

I love fall and all that comes with it…the crisp air that whispers against your skin – the darker, moodier colors that fill our surroundings – the cozy scent of spices that float through your home.

The time will come to layer up with soft sweaters and cozy flannels. Let your hair down and wander through the forest as it changes beneath your feet. Revel in this season, embracing the beauty of it all.

Do you know????


Do you know what happens when you decide to stop worrying about what other people might think of you? You get to dance. You get to sing.  You get to breath. You get to laugh.  you get to sleep. You get to be yourself.  And you know what some people will not like you.

One day it just clicks.

You will realize what is important and what is not. 

You will learn to care less about what other people think of you and more what you think of yourself. 

You realize how far you have come and you remember when you thought things were a mess that you would never recover. 

And it just will not bother you anymore!!

And you smile. 

You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you have fought to become.

Friends have a beautiful Sunday!!!!


Exciting weekend at Stephanie’s!!

duo slim (2)

It was a very busy Friday -Catch me over the weekend!!!

First off it is going to be a beautiful weekend.  What is Miss Stephanie up to this weekend???

Secondly “I want a weekend full of cuddles, kisses and laughter.”

Now that I have your attention……..

Photo shoot on Sat morning.  Skylarr Black will be here as well.  We are both doing photo shoots and will be doing some hot pics together – will be released for our tour up in Northern Ontario together.

Skylarr Black is a lovely, respectful, discreet lady whom I have had the pleasure of meeting about a year a half ago.  She is a class act!!!

This blonde and burnette  beauty are up to some fun times this weekend!!! Duos can be arranged Sat. and Sun only!!

I am working all weekend!!!!!!

Have a beautiful weekend friends!!!