Happy soon to be Thanksgiving!!!


I’d like to spend the next few days focusing on Thanksgiving. That’s right, Thanksgiving. Yes, I know that the official American holiday falls this Thursday So, yes, I know that I’m early, but I’d like to begin to offer some thoughts on Thanksgiving, even though we won’t be sitting down to a Turkey dinner for a few more days or some to nothing.

This will be my first year sitting down with some American and Canadian friends celebrating!

I think it’s great that the United States continues to set apart a day a year for giving thanks. And I think it’s doubly great that most of us still believe that Thanksgiving is a day for actually giving thanks – not just a time for feeling thankful while filling our faces with a Turkey dinner and watching football on TV.

But I am going to ask you not to forget the heart of Thanksgiving. In fact, I’m going to encourage you to let Thanksgiving be more than just a day. Why not take time during this today and next week to remember to be grateful. If your Thanksgiving Day is already full with family , then set aside some time on the day before or the day after, and to say “Thank you.” Better yet, do this for several minutes each day today and next. If you do, not only will you be doing the right thing. In fact, you might just discover that your overall happiness with life improves.

So let me invite you – yes, urge you – to take time in this season of Thanksgiving for real expression of gratitude.  You’ll be glad you did

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