Hello March…

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Welcome March!
You came in with surprises, sunshine sheets of rain, some winds and then … light snow. You bring with you many reasons to celebrate, many blessings of love. I celebrate the return of soon to be spring with you. We’ll welcome reunions of the heart and the earth. May these March days to come bring us all joyful reasons to celebrate! Let it be as magical as we have been dreaming it so.

Enjoy your March, my friends and loved ones! Happiness always to you.

When things go wrong…??


As a human being, you are not immune to mistakes in your entire life. A person who takes responsibility have no need to blame others or to be continually finding fault.

Every mistakes in life has great lessons. I encourage you today to go from seeing the mistake(s) to seeing the lessons rather quickly. Don’t emphasize the mistakes so much,emphasize the lessons. It’s a mindset that works. Accentuate the positives without being blind to the negative.

It’s your responsibility to look at yourself first when things go wrong. Perhaps, the biggest blind spot for that mistake(s) could be YOURSELF. Think positively and think of the remedies rather on the mistake(s).

Its really Fri…….

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OMg/ess, I got out of bed thinking it was Saturday, ready to do Saturday, just discovered it was Friday. Now have to do Friday. There I was in bed, thinking of all the things I put in the list of lineup for Monday. THEN I  and now discovered that I dont have to pack yet….that can wait till Sat. night..☺

Sunday I go to Barrie with the lovely Skylarr Black.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend.

Busy is a Choice, Stress is a Choice, Joy is a Choice, Choose Well.


Everything is temporary.



Realizing that things are temporary and always changing can do wonders in all areas of your life, especially when it comes to dealing with jealousy.

The monetary wealth you see a friend experiencing could be gone within a year. The relationship you witness and long for could be over within a month. The string of unfortunate circumstances you’ve been struggling with could turn around in a day.

I’m not implying we should take solace in knowing that other people’s blessings are temporary, but rather that it helps to realize everything in life is, for all of us. We are not the only people who go through hard times.

Circumstances are constantly changing, so to spend a great deal of time and energy fretting over them or wishing for something different is, frankly, a waste.


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February can be a tease. We are nearing the end of winter and the sun is getting noticeably higher in the sky. Neighbourhood snowdrops, raindrops and bird chirping .provide the joyful splash of spring, which we have long awaited.

Indeed, some Februaries can deliver genuine warmth, such that we get excited for T-shirt weather.

However beyond the garden gate, there is good reason why the fields and hedgerows still appear drab and dormant. Beneath the surface, the ground has been cooling off all winter – and believe me there’s a lot of cold, surfaced below us.

The lingering snowdrifts will eventually be gone. The ground will warm and the countryside will wake from its slumber.

We just need to be patient. Xo


Be happy just because….



Don’t be happy for a particular reason, because that happiness ends when the reason ends.  Be happy without any reason and you will be happy in every season.  Enjoy yourself there should be no limits in having fun and being 😂 

Sat. Skylarr Black at my place.

Next week I go away again.
Have a great weekend!💃 

Happy Valentines Day.💗


In this age of social media, there are a lot ways you can tell someone you “like” them. I would like to take this opportunity, on Valentines Day, to let you know how much I like you guys.

Wish we could be together swapping chocolates and laughing over candy hearts.

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers, it is for celebrating it with the people whom you lust.  Expressing my heartfelt love to the people who are my life.

Stephanie 💗



Benfits of being naked.


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Sleeping naked isn’t just sexy and fun, it actually has spiritual benefits too!

This may not seem like a spiritual benefit, but it’s important for your soul to get enough sleep. Sleeping naked has been clinically shown to help you sleep better.

Between the hours of 1 and 4am in particular, our subconscious connects with the spirit world. Definitely make sure you’re sleeping during those hours and always get yourself 7-8 hours. More for Ms. Stephanie, like 8 or 9 hours.

Melatonin is naturally produced by your pineal gland. When you sleep in clothes, your body gets overheated. Generally, keeping your sleep environment around 70 degrees F, melatonin is produced more efficient .

Sleeping naked helps regulate your body temperature which also serves to regulate your cortisol levels. When the chemical is out of balance, it leads to anxiety, weight gain, and other issues. This can lead away from a healthy, spiritual lifestyle.

If you have a partner sleeping naked can charge your spiritual sexual energy. Skin on skin contact also releases oxytocin, the “love hormone,” which reduces stress, boosts arousal and also help you get to sleep.

I love being naked….😇