Lifestyle Change!!!!!!


Eating healthier has changed my life in a way that is just so surprising and unbelievable to me.  Now I actually think about everything I put in my mouth, Is it healthy?, How many calories?, How much fat?, Is it worth the extra calories or fat if it’s not healthy? Will I be sorry if I do or if I don’t?

I never considered any questions about the food that I put in my mouth until I decided to change my eating habits I just shoved it in and now I even think about what other people are putting into their mouths when I see people eating, it’s crazy !!!! But a good crazy, I like this change.

I feel great and full of energy!


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May is one of my favorite months out of the whole year! I feel like life slows down a little bit . it is not too hot yet and the days get longer! Summer has always been one of my favorite times of the year Happy Summer everybody! I hope that you can feel the joy in your heart that I do for this easy breezy time of the year! 

Of course, I find beauty in every season: the wilderness of color during the fall, snow and the sports which come with it in winter or the blooming trees’ perfume in spring…but nothing seems more appealing to me than summertime.

Hope you’re making the best out of this summer!

Trusting people….


 I know who I can trust & who I need to keep a distance with. Whether I say, I know.

I am wiser and know more than you think. I choose to sit back and keep adding to my files. You will reap what you sow..

It’s doesn’t take long for me to generally figure people out, and when I know. I know…

Nothing is going to get under someone’s skin like seeing you succeed, especially if they did everything in their power to try and make that not happen. A strong person knows that the best karma in the world is simply picking yourself up and moving forward with your life. Healing, succeeding and reaching all of your goals is going to be the most amazing karma. Karma isn’t just for bad people, either. While the person who harmed you is going to be stuck where they are, karma has given you that extra boost you need to succeed.


A walk…


I got outside today, grabbed a hot dog from a cart, and started my walk through local parks. At the end, I understood why so many people cherish this part of the city. It’s the best part of the city. It’s a place where you can find some peace and silence when you want to get away. It’s a place to sit, a place to play, a place to meet and a place to just be.

I like it here 

Happy Weekend.. Be Happy.


Good evening everyone…A very warm and Happy Victoria Day Holiday to all …

What memories of fire-crackers and picnics on this glorious weekend.

I am so happy in my life.

Doesn’t mean my life is trouble free or lack of sorrows, I just don’t want to dwell on the negative and prefer to laugh them off. Why the sad faces? Unless death was involved and/or empathy was required, I’d rather stay on the sunny side of life.

Enjoy..Be 😂 

Happy long Weekend!!


Happy Holiday weekend.  It is Victoria Day!

I hope you get outdoor to enjoy the sunshine.

Canadians believe that once Victoria Day is passed, we can say bye to the capricious weather, and people who are into gardening can start planting without worries.

Have a great weekend, whether it be going for a nice walk, playing ball or cuddling up on the sofa for some much needed R&R!

Or come visit me!!

To Her Majesty, I offer my best wishes for health and happiness, and to all Canadians, may you enjoy a wonderful day!!

Review Boards. Social Media!!!!

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This can be a challenge since we live in a culture that puts such a high value on social media outlets. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Allow yourself five to ten minutes a day to check your social media accounts and then be done with it. Especially avoid looking at profiles of people who trigger thoughts of comparison. You have nothing to gain in doing so besides anxiety and sadness.

If, every time you think about starting something new, you scroll through your feed and feel instantly defeated by those who are “further ahead” then your mind is playing a game you don’t need to participate in.

When you direct your attention toward the real world, you have less time and energy to direct toward meaningless activities such as social comparisons.

Give yourself a social media cleanse. Commit to posting then leave-and take note of any positive changes that arise. You might be surprised by how much of an impact removing this daily habit from your life can have on you.



The past is….. PAST!!!!


Your past is exactly what it is – the past.

The moments that have come before, the memories, the cities you’ve been, the mistakes and choices you’ve made. It is called the past for a reason. Because it’s come and gone, it’s behind you, it’s in the rearview, it has passed.

But it’s still important.

Some people think that you have to forget your past. Forget the ‘I love yous’ shared with a significant other, forget the painful memories associated with a lost loved one, forget the way you felt and the things you said, good or bad. But they’re wrong.

If you bury the past, you can’t acknowledge your emotions, you can’t grow . But you need to remember it, need to accept what it teaches you and how it can help.

But this is what is beautiful about the past – it builds you.

And without it, you wouldn’t be the same person. So you cannot forget it, simply shove it aside, or pretend it never happened. Yet you cannot hang onto it so hard !!!

You have to find a middle ground. A place of acceptance and remembrance, but a place of freedom. A place that knows who you’ve been but is looking ahead, looking forward to who you will soon become.