Followers on Social Media..


I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have 1000 followers who love what I do, and might book me one day and people who have something in common with me , than 30,000 followers who are random people from all around the world, who have no interest in me and only followed me because they are bored… and have little interest in me.).

Do you see what I’m saying here?ย Rather than looking at andย  following and thinking: “I need to get this number up as high as possible, so that I can book more clients” take a step back and think:who do I actually want to have following me?ย 

So, why bother trying to grow your social media at all? Well, because you can still try to grow, but grow consciously. Grow to attract the right people.ย And what will those people do? They will comment, like, and engage with your work… which thanks to twitter will push you up into other people’s feeds.ย  More than ever, we need to strive to createย engagingย content. The images you post and captions you write need to want to make people engage with your images, so that you get seen in feeds… and ultimately continue to attract your dream clients.

So I hope this has given you some perspective, and maybe changed the way you look at all social media .Don’t worry so much about the number at the top of the screen. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many people follow you… all that matters is how many of theย rightย people are following.


3 thoughts on “Followers on Social Media..

  1. Steph, I enjoy following you on social media, you are such a beautiful and radiant person. I find that your posts often bring an element of joy in to my days. I hope that one day, even though we are across the country from each other, we will be able to connect.


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