Fortunately, I donโ€™t get a lot of hate mail. But I have come to expect it over the last 9 years when anyone puts themselves out there.

Over the years, when I get hate mail or mean spirited texts first response is always shock and disappointment.ย 

I do realize that hate emails is not really about me.ย  It is about the sender. I just happenย  to be todays target, of something thats gone wrong toย  in their life.

For whatever reason, I touched something deep inside of themselves that they do not like. To relieve that pain, they strike out at me. I have stopped taking it personally because itโ€™s not about me. Itโ€™s about them.

I have learned that we can only help those that want to be helped. That leaves little time to help people that send hate mail,

I donโ€™t respond ..


2 thoughts on “Haters…

  1. Stephanie:
    I think that is the most effective and classy way to handle those things.
    The more you engage with hate, the more you end up feeding it.
    Good advice. Something we should practice more and more.


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