It is noon on a Wednesday when your phone rings – your two o’clock can’t make it and they have to cancel. That time slot is going to be incredibly difficult to fill, meaning you are going to have to take a loss.

The same thing happens next month, when this same client calls in to cancel last minute. You are frustrated and the lost revenue is starting to pile up. It might be time to fire that client. But before you go to those lengths, consider all of the following steps to reduce your last minute cancellations and no-shows.

The first step toward reducing those last minute cancellations and missed appointments is to develop a cancellation policy. A fairly common practice is a 24-hour cancellation policy. This gives you an adequate amount of time to try and fill that now empty time slot, while ensuring some compensation if you are not given fair warning.

Some escorts will charge the full amount, others 50% of the amount, or even a flat rate fee for a cancelled or missed appointment. Choose the option that will make you feel fairly compensated for the lost time.

Lastly, when developing your cancellation policy, keep a friendly tone and remind the client why the policy is in place. Here is an example of well-written cancellation policy: Please be aware of my 24-hour cancellation policy. Because it is very difficult to fill a cancelled appointment without sufficient warning, appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice and missed appointments will be charged a fee of ????

Now that you have developed your cancellation policy, you have to make sure your clients are aware of it. This is crucial if you are going to enforce the cancellation policy because a client will have a hard time agreeing to pay the fee if they weren’t made aware of it.

Cancellation fees are a tough pill for clients to swallow. It will likely cross their mind that an alternative to paying the cancellation fee. -is to find a new friend.. you want to enforce your policy so people respect your time, you don’t want to lose a loyal client over it.

It’s important to have some leniency. For example, you may not want to charge the cancellation fee on the first offense. In this case, you can remind the client of your policy, let them know that you’ll waive the fee this time, but next time you’ll have to charge them – and remind them it’s because a last minute cancellation directly affects your business. Once a client has had two or three offenses, you can start to enforce the cancellation fee.

If no-shows and cancellations are becoming a regular occurrence for the client, you may want to consider an alternative to charging a cancellation fee and have them pre-pay for future appointments instead. This is a good way to keep your relationship in good standing – you are showing your commitment to the client by waiving the cancellation fee in exchange for them showing a commitment to you.

Many reasonable clients will have no issue with this compromise and will appreciate it. Those that have had several cancellations and no-shows and don’t agree to pre-paying or paying the cancellation fees are clients you don’t want.

Your very last resort is to fire your client. If they are constantly cancelling or not showing up for their appointment, then it’s time to let that client go. Let them know that you’ve appreciated their business, but you’ve just lost too much money from their cancellations and no-shows.

There are several steps to take before getting to the point where it’s necessary to fire a client, but once a client’s lack of respect for your time has led to a pile of lost revenues, it’s in your best interest to part ways and focus your attention on the clients respectful of your time.

Best of luck!!

Stay grounded!!


I can vividly remember certain times in my life when I have been deeply hurt, shamed, excluded, or violated by someone.

I walked away from the painful experiences feeling conflicted, hopeless, and confused.

Why hurt us????

Everyone in your life serves a purpose..Everyone has something to teach you.

Insecure people need to gossip/be rude about you to try and prevent gossip about themselves. See them for who they are and pity them.

Treat yourself with love and respect, and you will attract people who show you love and respect. 

I made a promise to myself to never react to these individuals.  Nor will I ever treat anyone like that..

You’ve been put on the planet for an important reason. You’ve gotten as far as you have by focusing on what you need to do. Anyone who is threatened by your positive performance is indicating that you’re doing things right.

Don’t look to the left. Don’t look to the right. Just stay grounded on your path and continue to surround yourself with people who build you up.

Please be kind💕

Sun. May 26th Gina and Stephanie❤


The sultry, sexy, saucy world of threesomes with Stephanie and Gina! We either have them, want them or just fantasize about them and whatever category you fall into I don’t blame you because threesomes are awesome.

Three people letting go, having fun, sweating, stroking, teasing, cumming and exploring is exciting and an experience you will probably never forget.

Sunday. May 26th. Come join us before I head to Windsor June 2nd.💦💦💦

Saying Sorry!!!😘


It is never difficult for me to say I am sorry, when ever I commit a mistake. But even though some people know it is their mistake they avoid saying sorry. At the end, when they see no chances of their victory, they try to avoid OR end the discussion by saying “So what.” It is as easy as that for them to finally declare that even after committing mistake, they are not going to apologise

So did you noticed the contrast. I think this is our ego that prevents us from accepting and taking consequences. We live in a world where we follow “Give Respect and Take Respect”. Excellent rule until misunderstood. We find it insulting for ourselves to accept our mistake and apologise .. (Yes, we all have to admit it)  We think-“What will he’think about me? What if he stops respecting me? He’ll definitely think I am an idiot. What if he scolds me? What if he does not accept my apology?” All these questions (and many more) that we keep on thinking about makes it complex, and finally we find it rather easy to become an escapist  and do not apologise.

The more you train yourself to swallow your pride, be vulnerable, and give a genuine apology when appropriate, the easier it will get. Just do it!

Happy May 24 Weekend!!!


Every year, on the last Monday before 25th of May is Canada’s federal public holiday – Victoria Day. Originally, this holiday was for commemorating Queen Victoria’s birthday, and that’s how it was named. Nowadays, the holiday is for celebrating the official birthday of. the Queen!!

The Victoria Day weekend marks the arrival of summer, people go for picnics, fishing or relaxing at the cottage with family to spend the long weekend. At the same time, Canadians believe that once Victoria Day is passed, we can say bye to the crappy weather, and people who are into gardening can start planting without worries.

Whatever you choose do – I hope you have a blast!

Wishing you all a wonerful safe long weekend!!



If you’re being bullied there’s a lot you can do. While different tactics work for different people, the first thing you should do is try to talk to someone in which I did.

Depending on how bad the bullying is (and as long as you don’t feel at risk, scared or physically threatened) you might want to try and wait it out.

The more empowered you are, and the more you can help yourself, the better chance you have to stop the bully.

If the bully doesn’t change their behavior, that’s when talking to the proper resoures is very important. I cannot stress how important this is so they have record of this.

The bully wants you to react. Their goal is to take away your power, make you sad and scared. And if you show them you are not sad and scared, they will often lose interest and they cannot take away your power.

Remember they want to upset you constantly so you get angry. If you don’t get angry, the bully will lose their own power.

Yes. this recently did happen to me.  Did I engage with the bully…No.proper I seek help..Yes…

I  am a kind person.  Great soul..Not perfect..I will never be treated like garbage. Yes I am an escort..Noone deserves this!!

In closing never let anyone bully you..Seek help immediately with the proper sources.


Summer I miss you💕


really enjoy summer. Maybe it’s the long winters, or the rainy springs, but when the warm weather comes and the days lengthen, I  revel in it. To me summer means trying to cram in as many  swims, ice cream cones, lake canoes, outdoor concerts, and barbecues as possible. It also means mosquito bites, sand in places it doesn’t belong, belly aches from too many hotdogs.

That’s when I retreat with a book and disappear into another world.

Im so looking forward to summer.