Saying Sorry!!!😘


It is never difficult for me to say I am sorry, when ever I commit a mistake. But even though some people know it is their mistake they avoid saying sorry. At the end, when they see no chances of their victory, they try to avoid OR end the discussion by saying “So what.” It is as easy as that for them to finally declare that even after committing mistake, they are not going to apologise

So did you noticed the contrast. I think this is our ego that prevents us from accepting and taking consequences. We live in a world where we follow “Give Respect and Take Respect”. Excellent rule until misunderstood. We find it insulting for ourselves to accept our mistake and apologise .. (Yes, we all have to admit it)  We think-“What will he’think about me? What if he stops respecting me? He’ll definitely think I am an idiot. What if he scolds me? What if he does not accept my apology?” All these questions (and many more) that we keep on thinking about makes it complex, and finally we find it rather easy to become an escapist  and do not apologise.

The more you train yourself to swallow your pride, be vulnerable, and give a genuine apology when appropriate, the easier it will get. Just do it!

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