Northern Ontario💕


I’m going to be honest – there’s SO much to see and do that I need to go back.. While I took 7 days with the end destination as Sault Ste Marie, I am going to easily tack on a several days for both The Soo and Sudbury and who knows where else.  I was content with 7 days for this trip as I knew I’ll be back…. It took me 3 years to go back.. Not sure how long of an adventure is ahead.!!!

I’ve been told that Lake Superior has a certain allure, and I’d say that goes for all of Northern Ontario. There’s just something about the vibe up there that’s different. Maybe it’s the crisp, clear air? Or maybe it’s the hospitality of the locals? It’s hard to put my finger on.  I felt right at home on my last Northern Ontario road trip. I can’t wait to return as the more I explore this beautiful province of mine.. the more I want to be there.

See you soon…


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