susanweight...... (2)

Each time when I arrive North…I  begin to fill my soul with joy and the excitement is almost unbearable .  I get to meet new people and get reaquainted with people I have met…We talk about our  passions, dreams, ect. and spend the next hour to many hours together.

But as each trip winds down, the emotions that I feel become much more bittersweet.  Happy to return home…. But also sad to say goodbye .

Fortunately, that sadness at having to say goodbye is always mixed with a sincere in hopes of my returning…

I have always told others, you know you really enjoy your job when you feel bittersweet about leaving. On the one hand, I have new adventures to look forward to in Missississauga with my friends and new friends as well… 

I don’t consider all people clients I consider them my friends. Too corny?  They bring out the best not only in my work, but my personality.

To my wonderful friends….I am back in Mississauga till ?????..Then Im going way Norh…



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