Even when I am using Twitter to share something important, I always seem to sign off quickly..

I try my best to retweet my favorite people.💕

I know I am not on that frequently so please if you are needing to contact me the best way is email or a lovely phone call.

My twitter is a tool not a time warp😙

I do not have twitter on my phone.  When I do go on its on my computor.

When I spend an hour of my day writing in my blog or better yet, reading or enjoying the outdoors – I feel good. Sometimes great. Dedicating myself to pursuits that I love. But pouring myself into a project that expresses who I am, an enterprise that requires immense investment of my time and energy, is much more fulfilling. Either way I am making something. And dedication to a hobby instead of submission to a demand, feels immensely satisfying.

I would rather be with you in person then being on social media conversing.  I found twitter sucked up too much time and left me feeling burned out. 

 I still feel remarkably unburdened. I don’t use Twitter often anymore I’ve realized I don’t need to-but most important of all, I don’t even want to. I spend more time reading, more time writing. and much more cuddling.

Ironically, it was writing that pushed me onto the platform in the first place.

In contrast, Twitter offered an engaged audience. People were reading what I was writing, and they were interested in it. 

Today, I structure social media around my day rather than my day around social media. The one thing social media punishes worst of all? Silence. . It’s exhausting. You are constantly worrying about whether people are tweeting, or posting, more regularly than you are_what if your audience gets bored and leaves you!!!

All I can say now is – good for them, really. If it’s actually good for them.

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