2019 in closing…2020!!!!

As another exciting year comes to an end I would like to thank all of you for a great year of interactions. I am deeply thankful and blessed….

I am looking forward to many more in the next year.

It is time soon to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year with brightness and joy.

In 2020 I will continue to update you on new pics, tours, and of course my blog…💞

May the Universe grant you all the blessings you seek as we enter a new year!!!

May you find inner peace this New Year as you learn to appreciate the simple joys and moments of bliss that fill up your days. Have a peaceful and happy new year.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year filled with health, happiness !

Stephanie 💃

Christmas Eve…💞💞

It is Christmas Eve.  This is one of my favorite days of the entire year.  I love the coziness and the anticipation that comes along with it.  I love how society shuts down and everyone gathers inside to eat warming, seasonal foods that they’ve looked forward to all year long.

Whether your Christmas is going to be filled with the excited faces of children waiting for Santa, reconnecting with your nearest and dearest, or having a well-deserved rest, I wish you a happy one! 

So on this beautiful Christmas Eve, I’d like to share the gift of the season with you- love.

May you be surrounded by those you love and make the time to build memories that will last a lifetime. May your heart overflow with joy and laughter. Go hug someone near you and tell them how much they mean to you. Then do it again with someone else. Share the love tonight and capture the energy of this incredible night.

Remember the Divine being that you are and the possibility that lives within.

With love and the warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas and blessings for whatever you are celebrating tonight. I wish you love and everything you’ve ever dreamed of, tonight and always.

My Christmas present to you is here. Turn down the lights, light a candle, turn up your speakers, close your eyes and just listen. Soak it in. I hope it touches your heart as you have touched mine.

Much love.


Christmas Black dress..

There’s nothing that screams “date night” more than a little black dress.  It’s a piece that looks great on everyone, and is super easy to dress up.  I’ve styled this date night little black dress for our Christmas date, since it is hot, hot, HOT right now!  

I’m keeping the accessories simple for this little black dress, because I don’t want them to take away from all the stunning details of the dress!


The Christmas season can be a difficult time for many. As we begin to feel the winter chill, you can help warm hearts by making a donation to Christmas charities.

When you donate to Christmas charities, you are making sure that a child has a gift under the tree, a local family has enough food for their holiday dinner, and everyone experiences the joy and magic of Christmas.

Your donation will also provide winter essentials such as warm clothing and groceries, shelter, and other services to those experiencing poverty, homelessness, or isolation.

Christmas cuddles..

The holiday season can be a very stressful, lonely time for many of us. It’s a time of year that reminds of what we have as well as what we are lacking. Me included. Although I have family, I am a single lady. That is definitely magnified during the holidays.

It is time for a relaxing cuddle and massage. Let me give you some holiday pampering!

How does everyone survive the holidays???

Let it snow…💦💦🌲

What better way to enjoy the elements of this season with snow and cuddles? Think about it – Bed…snow-ball fights – and anything else our eager adult brains can think of. energetic, fun. You? Willing to embrace this snow/season with me.

Close your eyes and imagine the most magical December holiday snow covered cities and towns, thousands of tiny lights, the aroma of holiday fare, and of course snow. The childlike joy you feel when the first snowflakes start falling. A desire to relax, have fun, enjoy the indoors & outdoors… Open your eyes and come find your winter fairy tale with me…

Silently we lie there, staring at each other. Eventually I move; rolls.. closer to you.. snuggling my head into the crook of your shoulder _ my hand on your chest. Carefully you drape your arm around my waist and comb your fingers through out my body while my other hand touches your ????

“Your fingers dance across my heart.”

Christmas!!🎁New Pic

I love Christmas. I love the snow-themed everything, even when I was living in Northern Ontario, and Santa and elves and reindeer and snowmen and candy canes. Yes, I even love the non-stop playing of Christmas music for two months

Most of all, I love getting together with my family and friends. – eating Christmas meals, singing Christmas carols together, gossiping and laughing at each other. It’s tremendous fun. I love my Christmas tree as well.

I don’t love Christmas shopping, or the over consumption, frenzied malls!!!!

Bah humbug! I love Christmas, but the shopping. in malls has got to go. I do a bit of on line shopping & quaint local stores.

I love the idea of giving to people you love, but that idea has been twisted. Now people go out in a mad rush to shop, like ravenous vampires feasting on new blood. We shop for a month, rip apart the packaging one morning, and then forget about it the next day. Is this about giving, or buying?

Again, I’m in love with giving … but do we need to buy to give? We seem to think that buying is the solution to any problem, but that has lead to a society that is deeply in debt and piled high with needless stuff. We can find other ways to give.

Find hope. Christmas has so much potential to be about so much more than buying – it can be a season of hope, renewal, loved ones, inspiration, contemplation. Talk to your family about this – how can we find ways to be hopeful, thankful, cooperative? How can we be more present instead of worried about getting presents?