Virtual dates…I am here.

Virtual dates is the ability to gain sexual arrousement via computer, smart phone or tablet.

It can take shape in the form of. Phone calls…video calls, texts,. In this way, one or more people can gain sexual satisfaction or fulfill their fantasies without real life (face-to-face) interaction. 

Usually includes real life masturbation, and using one’s imagination is key whilst engaging in this kind of situation.

Virtual dates is not only used by strangers I have not met. It’s also used. as a tool for people I have already met. -enables us to connect whilst apart, to receive sexual stimulation while apart.


  • It’s an innovative way in which to sexually connect or stay connected to someone whilst being apart.
  • It’s a non-invasive and non-threatening way in which to express one’s desires and fantasies.
  • It allows for sexual exploration and intimacy when physical or social limitations are in place.
  • It reduces anxiety for people who have self-confidence issues or who have a low self-esteem (about their appearance).
  • Health-wise, it is an experience that is risk-free.

I’m awaiting for our date..


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