My lockdown 🌟

While hoards of people were stripping the shelves bare of food, cleaning supplies and toilet paper – panic buying – I was at my local market shopping for a few days of groceries. I calmly shopped and never dealt with any line ups. I continue to shop at my local market 2 to 3 times week stress free!

Meditation is key as I prepared mentally and spiritually for this lockdown. When I can, I meditate outside or with a view of the lake.. Gazing upon the lake is comforting it brings my soul peaceful feelings. Sitting cross-legged on a meditation cushion, I close my eyes and focus on my in and out breaths, through my nostrils. I take in long, healing breaths and release them in a slow, steady stream.

Then I shall take a walk thru the woods I saw noone..heard noone. I shall leave the world to stew in its own and shall take no further thought of its form.

I can’t tell you how it feeds my heart – and oh, it’s beautiful – new books I have read: New Earth, Surrender Experiment, Untethered Soul, Celestine Prophesy, 

I keep donating to my local food bank. – it is needed now more than ever.

I continue to drink my green tea and in the evenings my lavender tea. I am sort of a tea addict. It makes me feel beautiful!!!

I have been sleeping great – Sleep is so important for our well being 💤

I love being alone but I hate being lonely. People are struggling because they’re missing human interaction, physical presence, and “hugs,”

I have come to terms… Covid is not going to go away. and there might not be a vaccine.. It will run its course regardless of what we do. The trick is to keep the caseload manageable! I will move forward with my life 😇

I see beautiful random acts of kindness enacted in a creative way in a world that was so different even a few short weeks ago. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Maybe we can effect positive change in the world after all. 

Enough about me..WISHING ALL OF YOU STRENGTH & HEALTH!!💕💕💕💕💕💕


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