Its feeling right💕

In the very beginning of the lockdown you start thinking, Oh, this is just a quick thing it’ll be done in a couple of days,” . “And then a couple of weeks into it, you start reading into conspiracy theories … and then you get past that point, then – when is it going to go back” to normal? There is no normal.. A new normal!!!!

I’m glad medical experts with different opinions on the lock-downs are finally speaking up. I think a lot of people are ready to accept life with this virus and don’t have high hopes for vaccines coming anytime soon. I’m so over the Ontario government health bureaucrats running the show.

People are literally dying from the lockdown, so many suicides, drug overdoses, physical abuse, other health related problems. God bless all…

Im grateful for our military for stepping in to help long term care.. God bless the innocent souls who were abused and died from not being properly cared for.. Military people thank you for discovering our Government run LTN how corrupt they are.

There isn’t a right time for anything. There’s no such thing as perfect timing. If it feels right, just go for it today. 

That being said.. It feels right for me to go on the road.. Thurs.Barrie…

One thought on “Its feeling right💕

  1. Love it. Panties are great. Gonna send ya transfer. Been having anxiety attacks and have decided to get popped with treats and talk to you about dirty things that you love to do with both your male and female clients for a little relief. Hope you are available.

    Wish I was with you at the tree rubbing your bra very slowly with my hands very very slowly moving down from your waist to the very sexy lacy panties and start rubbing your lips gently until you start getting wet. Would you like to do this with me?

    Michael Rafelson/Content Producer:Photography+Video for Social Campaigns, Branding+Digital Experiences


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