Escort Grief!!!

An Escorts Grief……

When a client dies…

I had known Mr. R for 8 years!!!
I was shocked hearing that this client had died ..
I went over our last session in my mind. With a sparkle in his eyes as he walked out with his usual kiss….his usual goodbye…“See you in a few weeks.!” This was to be my final lasting impression of him. . I wanted to go back in time and re-explore our time together..
I wanted the chance to say good-bye.

So I began my grieving process, a very different journey of grieving than I had ever experienced before. Mine is a very peculiar profession. While I establish a professional and real connection with my clients, I also create boundaries to avoid merging with their personal lives – but when it comes to health and the well being my heart and soul is there.

The sudden unanticipated death of a client is difficult.

The ethical and legal boundaries of my profession cut me off opportunities. – I was not allowed to connect with my deceased client’s family members.. So I say a prayer by myself and will cherish our memories 🙏

I’m very fond of all my clients. I have a great deal of affection for them. I’d even call it a type of love, though it’s not the kind of love that comes with rings and promises. The job I do requires naked intimacy – emotional and mental as well as physical – and my nature makes it impossible to have that intimacy without forming an emotional bond.

Sometimes they drive me mad, much as friends do. Some more than others.

Now go take on the world, go live life to the fullest.❤

6 thoughts on “Escort Grief!!!

  1. hi ! im condolences for your loss ! im hope for best to you, becose im like you vey much t: aki ensio karjalainen kuopio finland


  2. Sorry for your loss Stephanie. My condolences to you during this difficult time and I hope time heals that wound for you. Having lost an important family member recently I understand how frustrating it can be especially without real closure. I just wanted to say you my dear have truly touched my heart today with your love and compassion towards others. The love that comes from your soul emanates from you and surrounds you in this aura of amazing power and energy. Just keep in mind that you brought that power and energy into the life of your former client and I’m willing to say others as well and it made their lives the better for it. May your life be continually blessed and your heart forever filled with the same love and positivity that it sends out to the world!


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