Back to School..📚

The beginning of school year is alot like Christmas. For the most part, the kids are excited and everything is shiny and new. And, as during the holidays, the economic pinch kicks in – and some families go without!

Now, it is my privilege to be in a position to give back – and I recently am buying knapsacks, school supplies and going to be dropping off to my local food bank.

It is to be able to give them something new to go back to school with. Think of yourself when you were younger and you went back to school that first day how proud you were to have that new backpack and new lunch box. It really does make a difference for these kids.”

I want to give some children the chance to go to school with their heads held high!

There are a lot of big, unwieldy, anxiety-inducing problems facing the world right now, but sending a child to school with a new backpack and sharp pencils to start the year off right💕

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