Christmas Eve!🎄

Santa Claus and his reindeer might be zooming around the planet right now, but I hope your Christmas Eve is considerably less stressful.

At 6pm on the 24th , I will go outside and ring my 🔔. After a tough year it would be an amazing memory for the kids , adults, and communities. “End 2020 with a bit of Magic, hope and togetherness!”

Merry 🎄

Merry Christmas!!!

“It’s understandable that there will be a degree of disappointment with the situation we find ourselves in this Christmas but we must accept it. If we fixate on how it should be, how you want it to be or what will happen next, it leads to increased levels of distress. Living in the present moment, accepting things as they are and taking everything one step at a time makes it easier to feel hopeful. It will also help you enter the spirit of joy and goodwill during the festive period,”

The gift of love.
The gift of peace.
The gift of happiness.
May all these be yours at Christmas.

Love Stephanie 💕

Be Kind!

You’re going to come in contact with an awful lot of people who are at their absolute breaking point this month. Friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, teachers, strangers in the grocery store, retail workers. While it maybe the merriest time of year for some, it maybe the saddest, most stressful, loneliest, most heartbreaking for other’s.We’re all busy. But we’re not too busy to be kind, caring and patient. Remember the best thing you can give someone this season is your love and kindness.Season of love and kindness…Be kind ❤

Dear Santa 💕

Dear Santa,

Let Rudolph shine his light to bring warmth and love in all dark places in the world.

Can you find me the house in the forest that I have always dreamt of, without a mortgage?😃

Seriously Santa all I really want is the World to be better. No more war, hate, just peace.

My wish is that we may all stay safe and well and that, in some way, we all may be touched by a Christmas miracle. 🙏

I wish you a very long, happy & healthy life, so that all of us can share our biggest dreams with you fore ever.

While you fly through the sky and meet by chance anyone – give them a big hug and tell them I wish them a Merry Christmas.🎅

A Different Christmas🎄

Part of what Christmas is about, is getting together with family or with friends to share food and exchange presents.

It is one of the reasons why so many people who live on their own, dread the season.

And I confess, I love having everyone coming for dinner, I love the midnight service too, on Christmas Eve,

This year it looks like less. A lot less, it may possibly be just a few of us together.

And while for me and for many others that might be disappointing – in some cases deeply disappointing – it may actually transpire that it helps to take just a little of the load off families who find Christmas difficult at the best of times and who would face even greater pressures this year thanks to job losses or the reduction in their income as a result of the current pandemic.

This coming Christmas could be seen as an opportunity to give everyone the perfect ‘excuse’ to reassess how we mark the celebrations whether as a faith festival or simply as a ‘holiday’.

That said, this year has been so psychologically tough for so many that the thought of Christmas too, being restricted, could be for some, the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

People need things to look forward to – especially perhaps those who have been in isolation and who have missed significant events such as the birth of a child or important birthdays, a family wedding, or who have even had to forgo attending the funerals of people they have loved.

To have now, such a major event in their lives, one they have been looking forward to, taken from them, could have devastating consequences on their mental health.

We cannot underestimate that impact.

If we do, it may well be one of the greatest mistakes we ever make.

We need, as a society and as communities, to look out for those around us.

We need to ensure that we take people’s mental health seriously – so seriously that we actively look for ways of reaching out to those who feel so isolated, so abandoned, so swept to one side that they are in danger of losing a sense of their own worth and of the worth of life itself.

This Christmas may not be like Christmases past, but it will still be Christmas. And we can help it to be good in a different way by caring beyond our own.

I Hope..🙏

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this time!!

I hope if you reach a dead end on your journey, you hang on there with all your might. You will be walking on a smoother path very soon!

I hope that wherever you are, is comforting, and relaxing. I hope you are taking care of yourself. Truly. And I hope you know how important you are to the world, and that there are people all over the world who love you. This world is full of great people. And this world is full of beauty. I hope you find that.

I hope I can give you hope!!

I hope when this pandemic ends, you will thrive again. WE will get through this together. I am sending love and support to you and your family during this unprecedented time.

Merry Christmas.

Christmas tips😃

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It goes both ways – if someone says something unpleasant to you, you have every right to tell them to be quiet. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone believes that they are right. No matter what you say, the other person is likely committed to their beliefs. Try to stay positive, express your own opinion, then move on – don’t engage in a confrontation.

Surround yourself with your happier friends and family. A strong social network is important. If you begin to feel stressed or depressed, don’t isolate yourself – find a friendly face and let their merry mood infect you.

Don’t lose sight of what your body needs during this busy time. Strive to get adequate sleep, make healthy eating choices, exercise to help stress, and surround yourself with a healthy environment by enjoying nature’s seasonal smells, sights, and sounds.

When you are pleasant to others, it’s will be reflected back to you. Equally, when you project anger toward others, this will be mirrored back to you, which may cause anxiety and depression. So, this holiday season, don’t let family drama stress you out. Remember the reason for the season, and enjoy the time that you have together.

This festive season, do what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t or don’t want to do.

Best wishes💕💕

Oh Christmas Tree🎄

A tad early eh? But after this year anything goes in my home!! 🎄🎅🎀

I just want that little bit of peace and joy I know Christmas brings me every year. That’s why my holiday celebrations will start early.

Christmas lights give me hope and joy. Every year, I look forward to seeing them put up on my tree! As a sign of hope and happiness,I have put some up. I thought my tree would help us all have something joyous and pretty to look at.

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! That crisp, cold scent of cold air in the air combined with the delicious scent of. evergreen flowing thru my home– these Christmassy aromas are bound to put anyone in a festive mood🎄

I hope my Christmas tree puts a smile on your face – like it does mine!

Remembrance Day – Nov. 11

Let’s never forget the brave men and women who served the cause of freedom in the past, nor those whose service today enables us to continue to live freely.

Wherever you might be November 11, I invite you to pause at the eleventh hour and join me in a moment of silence as we honour those who fought and those who sacrificed their lives for the privileged freedom we are to enjoy today.

May each of our veterans feel honored, not just today…but every day.

God bless you,


Happy 🎃

As we approach Halloween 2020, the world certainly seems terrifying, though perhaps not quite in the ways we usually associate with the holiday.

Fortunately, you can always curl up on the couch with a big bag of candy and a horror movie and call it a night.

A rare blue moon will light up the sky on Oct. 31, 2020, making everyone’s Halloween just a little bit spookier!!! “My Mom used to tell me that a full moon was when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.

This year has been immensely stressful for many, and that surrounding yourself with small things that bring you joy, like Pumpkins … Christmas tree and decorations, could really boost your mental health.

With the year we’ve had, everyone could do with a bit of happiness. It’s (finally) something positive and joyful to look forward to. Christmas always provides a reason for celebration and a relaxing welcomed break, so it’s understandable that people are looking forward to and plan for it earlier than ever this year.

But what about putting your tree up super early – say November? “Decorating your home early can create that neurological shift, a spike in the feel-good hormone dopamine which can produce happiness. If there was ever a year to make an exception to decorate early, this could be it. It’s a crazy year. If putting up your Christmas tree early will bring you a little extra joy, why not,” she adds.: “Christmas is about family, love, and togetherness. The tree is the physical symbol of these values and in a year of separation, having this reminder in our homes is worth a whole lot more.”

I hope you find yourself comforted during these darkening days with the love that shines from within you.💕