Personally, I love winter. I love snow and fireplaces and hot chocolate. I love snuggling up with YOU!!!!

However, winter is hard on some folks. For many, it’s difficult to nourish our bodies and minds when we’re overwhelmed by the cold and dark. Some people deal with SAD!!!, while others simply cope with the winter blahs.

Here’s to an internally sunny weekend, no matter what the weather may be.!!!!


window c

I like to express my inner feelings channeling it through writing.

I write to soothe the voices shouting inside me, outside me, all around.
I write out of the body.
I write to imagine things differently and in imagining things differently perhaps the world will change.
I write as an exercise in pure joy.

Always Have Something to Look Forward To!!!!!


Having something to look forward to makes you “feel good” and may also give an “atmosphere of growth” to your life, because the future seems bright.!!!!

Anticipation is a key stage; by having something to look forward to, no matter what your circumstances, you bring happiness into your life well before the event actually takes place. In fact, sometimes the happiness in anticipation is greater than the happiness actually experienced in the moment!

Everyone should be able to pull out a calendar and see at least a few fun things scheduled in the future weeks.

I am looking forward to meeting you!!!!