My Naps on the weekend,,,


Soft sheets, a fluffy pillow and a quiet room. Those are the ingredients for a good nap. Oh, and a mind that will shut down and let my body drift off into slumberland. Sometimes these factors combine perfectly and I get some much-needed shut eye .

I’ve become a big fan of the naps especially after I come back from a trip. 

I never used to nap. In fact, when I worked nights and had to sleep during the day, I was never a fan. I felt (and still do to a certain degree) that I’m wasting the sunshine hours, which are the best, of the day. I feel like I’m ducking out of life.

But I need the sleep. My body needs to rest and slumber is the best way to do it. So I’ve lovingly adopted the nap, with its soft blankies and cool pillows as my necessary friend.

Niagara, I am bringing my Coconut Oil!!!



If you have read my past posts, then you know that I really love coconut oil. It is a wonderful lubricant. I love it, and doesn’t get sticky like some other lubes do. But coconut oil can also be used other ways.

I love to go to my bedroom and turn off the lights.  Then undress and grab that coconut oil. Apply it all over our bodies. If you are a little uneasy with that, then at least oil up my breasts. The oil will melt once it comes in contact with our skin, and the results will be wonderful! Your skin will glistening. If your a “rear” man, then lube up my back side!  Look at our selves in the mirror to see how our bodies is shimmering. 

Another idea is a full body massage using the coconut oil. I have done this and it is sensual and relaxing. We simply take turns giving each other a full body massage, using the oil to help your hands glide easily around each other’s bodies. I feel so relaxed.

While coated with coconut oil, then be aware we will slide around more! The feel of both of our bodies sliding around on each other is unlike no other though, so I encourage you to at least try it once, and see what it’s like!

Come and explore….Slipping & Sliding!!!!

Goodmorning world.


Good Morning, Woo hoo it’s Sunday. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and Oh what a Beautiful day we have been blessed to see. Put a smile on your face and make today Amazing!!!!!!

To me it feels like one of those wearing jean short type of days with my hair up in a messy bun. I also feel in the mood for cuddles.

Tues. I am going to Niagara falls, and I am so looking forward to my trip.

Beautiful weekend ahead!!!!


Spring weather is on its way this weekend, and while winter certainly has a worse reputation than it deserves  –  skiing is fun, snow is beautiful  –  it’s a welcome change for many of us. With the arrival of this weather this weekend, we can participate in plenty of activities that we’ve been missing out on.

If you’re excited about the warmer weather, you’re probably excited about.

  1. Waking up to tweeting birds outside the window.
  2. Walking out the door with just a sweater on instead of a down parka.
  3. Taking a walk without shivering.
  4. Smiling at the tulips on the table.
  5. Getting naked with the windows opened.

Enjoy your weekend friends!!!!

Every day is Valentines!!


I have never been one to celebrate all occasions.  I always tried to make every day count and every day special. When you put all your stock into making one perfect day, it can be a big let down. 

It’s worked out well for me. I never regret being humble and simple, there is not alot of frazzle and dazzle. Instead, I have cherished the sunsets, I have watched the stars, taking road trips and making time for me . I love going for walks and watching romantic movies. If I feel like buying something special for someone, I do. But not because it’s a birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Thank you friends for making each day Valentine’s Day!!

Valentines Day – xo


Love it or hate it, it is soon Valentine’s Day. Ok, so there’s a lot of commercial nonsense around it, and if you go out for dinner tonight, you’ll probably be disappointed with crowded restaurants.

I like to think of all the people nervously finding ways to tell someone they think they’re great, the shy smiles, the first dates.  And the more established couples who still find time to write a thoughtful  message in a card.

But it’s also a day that makes others feel lonely or sad, so why not buy a bunch of flowers for your single best friend or a family member, or just tell them how much you appreciate them?

Personally I love pre  Valentine’s Day  – it is a great to cuddle up with my blanket  and watch a movie about love.

Valentine’s Day , it’s a celebration of love.

Will you be Valentine!!????




Coming home is a funny thing. For a long time all I wanted was to come home – to be back in Mississauga.   Gradually the longing subsided as I adjusted to my travels and established new routines. I fell head over heels in love with travelling, developed close friendships and learned to stand on my own two feet in a way that I hadn’t previously.  

When it came time to leave places,  I surprised myself (and everyone else) with how sad I felt. I hadn’t realized just how much I loved parts of my life there.

It’s strange to think and even more strange to say that I miss certain towns/city once I am back home. How can you be homesick for a place that you never considered home? I keep reminding myself that it’s a positive thing  –  it’s nice to miss something because of good memories rather than only thinking of it negatively. I also keep reminding myself that change is good, change is growth, change is a chance for a new adventure.

I am back home in Mississauga for a few days, and a new adventure to York region next Wed. awaits me.

Home in my tub!!!!



Back home in Mississauga till Thursday, then I am gone again.  Barrie bounds Thursday afternoon.

Something funny happens when you accept who you are and are free to do whatever you want. First, you feel at peace because by doing only things you want to do, you’re being true to yourself. Second, like – minded people enter your life as if they’ve miraculously dropped out of the sky and placed purposefully front of you.

Have a super weekend!!!