2 days left…..

ice cream

Well it has been a crazy busy week – 2 days left then i go up north….

I’m so ready to climb in my car – and see all that this glorious North has to offer..

I can’t wait to do a bit of hiking, some boating, and of course plenty of playing….

There are some other changes/new experiences coming down the pipe for me soon which I’m really excited about. I’ll share some more details later…

Until then, I am still in the Mississauga area Thurs. & Fri.    xo

Have a great day/s everyone!

Why I’m OK With Being Single


I have spent a significant portion of my life focusing a great deal of energy on dating a man, pining over a man, getting over a man, crying over a man or wishing for a man….

Currently, I am 40. I am single. I am content. And I have to say, it feels pretty damn good…..

. Yes I am still a dreamer. I am still the girl who hopes to create a love so powerful and magnificent that it can change the world.

My faith in love has not changed, however my urgency to find it has. I’m quite satisfied focusing my energy on my own personal growth, my passions, my work and my friends and family. Yet although I am comfortable in my single status, I find that often its others that have an issue with it…

And remember, that the most important love is the love you have with yourself. Once you’ve mastered that, the rest will come. All the pieces will fall into place exactly the way they are supposed to. The journey of love is not a destination, rather, it’s one that is brewing inside of you every minute of your life. And one day, when it is time, it will connect with another force of love – whether that love be a person, a passion or a calling. Enjoy the journey.!!!!

WIAW…I’m Going North soon!!!!

5466001-a-beautiful-blonde-woman-outsdie-at-the-beach-is-fixing-her-hair-wearing-sunglasses-large-hoop-earrr I’m going on the road again, just can’t wait…

I have exciting news today. I’m going North – Wasaga beach and Collingwood area!!!! (May 30th arrival)

i am beyond excited, honored to be seeing friends and meeting new ones!!

# Country kissing and loving..#camp fires..#beach..#bbq..#bathing suits#  oh and flip flops….ooxo

See you soon…….xo

We need to PLAY!!!!!!!

What we all instinctively know is that  “All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.” Work, parenting and the daily routine keeps us very task focused and achievement oriented. Our hectic, modern lifestyle is certainly busy and demanding and we need measures in place for regular, light-hearted relief to boost our happiness. The missing ingredient is joy and fun, and the way to find it is through play……
Play is a way to fuel the imagination, develop creativity, connect with each other and improve overall health. Research shows that a life lived without play is at increased risk for stress related diseases, mental health issues, addiction and interpersonal violence. Introducing more play helps to relieve stress, boost creativity and innovation, improve brain function,  connect in relationships and keeps us feeling alive and engaged.
So instead of delaying play, consider it a great investment in your well being.



Why We Are So Rude Online?????

Why are we so nasty to each other online? Whether on Facebook, Twitter, message boards or websites, we say things to each other that we would never say face to face. Shouldn’t we know better by now?

Anonymity is a powerful force. Hiding behind a fake screen name makes us feel invincible, as well as invisible. Never mind that, on many websites, we’re not as anonymous as we think – and we’re not anonymous at all on Facebook. Even when we reveal our real identities, we still misbehave.

The best method for dealing with rude people is to adjust your reaction to them. After all, you may not be able to change the behavior of others, but you do have control over how you react to that behavior. One way to avoid a negative reaction to a rude person is to IGNORE!!!!!

Keep smiling!!!!!

Have a great weekend to you all…


Ice Cream weather!!!!

ice cream`

The days are getting hotter and all I ever want to wear are shorts and a tank top and flip flops……

I was a good girl today, so I treated myself to a soft ice cream with a crispy crunchy cone!!!!

P.S. And ice cream is so good sometimes (or maybe all the time? ha). I had to go thru drive thru and get my cone today!!!!!

Nostalgic goodness.