Toxic relationships!!


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I decided many many years back that I was very tired of toxic people in my life-it didn’t much matter which toxic traits they had, I just became more and more aware that I was feeling bad. People in your life shouldn’t make you feel bad-they should lift you up, you should be able to count on them, trust them, respect them.

If you come to realize that someone(s) in your life consistently leave you feeling hurt, sad, angry, disrespected, wondering if they care about you & your feelings at all-it’s time to take care of yourself -you definitely don’t need it.

That’s what I did, I systematically stopped making excuses for people (that included friends and family) I saw them for who they were & how badly they made me feel & decided “NO MORE!!!”. Since then I have less people in my life but I am MUCH happier.

Sure, you miss them sometimes?  But will you really miss how crappy they made you feel? If the answer is NO, cutting them from your life & keeping it that way is the right choice.

Jeans and a top are fashionable enough for a stroll around the beach….

Stephanie new BEACH PICS - Visiting LONDON - June 5th - 7th  36ddd, tall, blonde,MATURE - 40

I love the feeling of the warm sand between my toes .  Last week was 30 degrees and was a great day at the beach in Barrie.  I want to be on the beach where the waves kiss my feet.

I am “under the radar,” so to speak, in my life. I prefer to remain low-key, both in my appearance and my attitude.  Flirty yes but not flashy flashy –  having that natural inner beauty that doesn’t require coats of makeup.

I always follow my heart….. My heart leads me to outdoor adventures!!!

When the weather warms up again, I am getting naked and going back to the beach.

I so love the summer and the beach!!!

Sometimes you have to sit quietly and the answer will come.

Have a fantastic Sunday friends!!!

Best Feeling….


Best feeling…

Waking up to a message from a lovely gentlemen wanting to schedule a date.

It is nice knowing you were on their mind when they wake up…  It always puts a smile on my face – whenever I Get A Message From A Respectful Gentlemen!!!!

Good morning messages always put me in a happy mood! I’m glad I woke up to one today!  Good morning everyone!

Happy Victoria Day!!!!


Every year, on the last Monday before 25th of May is Canada’s federal public holiday – Victoria Day.

The Victoria Day weekend marks the arrival of summer, people go for picnics, fishing or relaxing at the cottage with family to spend the long weekend. At the same time, Canadians believe that once Victoria Day is passed, we can say bye to the nasty weather.

It is a beautiful day – 

Enjoy your day!!!!


Dont compare!!


I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone.

I am always happy when I focus on my own self-improvement, growth & giving the best of me to others..

I know exactly what I want, who I am, what makes me tick, what moves me, motivates me & what makes me HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL & FULFILLED.

I have always said we need garbage men in this world just as much as we need brain surgeons so why do we look up to some profession and down on others. We all came into this world with a blueprint and we aren’t all meant to be the same thing just love what you are doing and do and be the best you can.

On your journey to doing better, you will encounter obstacles. On your climb to the top, people will throw stones at you but don’t you dare stop climbing and don’t ever look back!!

My bedroom is the one place where life seems simple and perfect!!!!

I am in love…..


Wow, I am loving this weather!! I hear it’s going to be in the 90’s tomorrow so why not have a beach photo-shoot in Barrie.!!!

I am extending my trip for another day here.  Staying till Thursday morning!!

Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen..

Flip flop season is here.  I love the North!!! I love the weather!!! I love you dear summer!!

Barrie see you tomorrow!!! Monday


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As I think about making my tracks across to Barrie tomorrow – I am reminded of why I love this place. There is something in the air that connects me here. “I feel better here and I like this place”!!

As many of us know and have experienced, travelling changes you forever. You will never be the same and will never see things the same way again.  I mentioned this to a friend after having traveled a lot this year. She looked at me confused.

This sweet little city makes me sigh out loud.  Everyone should have a blissful place…actually I think I would be happy to make this city my everyday abode…

Hope you are surrounded by tranquility this beautiful upcoming week!!!

I Want to Wish All Moms a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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As we embark on another Mother’s Day weekend…  I wanted to send wishes…

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, Grandmas, Step Moms, Foster Moms, those Moms in Heaven .  And for all those dads out there who are both dad and mom!!!

And of course, my heart is very aware of  friends who are hurting on Mother’s Day–because they have lost children, because they have lost mothers, because they are not yet mothers, because they have placed their children with other mothers. I know mothers as well as children and adults, will hurt because of all of these circumstances today,

I am praying for you. May you find peace today.

Happy Mother’s Day!
…no matter which type of mother you are.