Living alone!!!!


Yes, that’s right –  I’m a single woman in her early forties and I live all by myself. It’s a phenomenon that women only decades ago wouldn’t have even considered. And luckily, it’s now becoming a more common occurrence. I feel independent, successful, and, no, not even a little bit lonely.

But how I feel is far from the depressing weight of loneliness. I feel free.

I think maybe it’s because in the recent years, I have become very much intimate with myself. As a single women, who has very much experienced the depths of loneliness, I’ve had the time to really sit with myself and experience those feelings. And I realized that’s all they were – passing feelings. And I discovered how to deal with those feelings.

So, if you’re living alone and do feel lonely, learn to sit with those feelings. Find your way though them and back to yourself. Fall in love with the experience and more importantly, yourself.

Travels starting next month..



Quick update and note on me….

I have not traveled in over 2 months….  Sorry guys, i just needed some home time!!!!  First stop will be Barrie Aug 8th arrival… I will go from there see how I feel and travel from that point……

Until then I am here in Mississauga till Aug 7th….

Have an amazing weekend friends..xoxoxo

I love you….


I love men. It’s a simple thought, really.

I love seeing them cum. Explicit, but it’s true. Heavy breathing, chest rising, and their shaking thighs. Bright eyes and a wet kiss, it’s like watching a beautiful movie.

I think about the men I’ve slept with, the men I want to sleep with, and those I simply admire and adore in a platonic context.

I love women as well, I admire their soft curves, physique. breasts, and their lips against mine.

“Women are always so soft.  I love how women smell. It’s this amazing combination of shampoo, perfume, and whatever girly soap/body wash stuff “

I love you both!!!!!




Death is so final here.  It’s such a shame that Chester from Linkin Park could not see a way out of the hole that he was in.  Sadly, he may have been able to talk to somebody who could have given him a different perspective on where he was at, which may have given him hope or a way of dealing with whatever it was that  caused him to take the steps he did. 

So very sad. I feel very bad for his 6 kids and his beautiful wife who needed him. The band, his friends and fans may you all find peace.

The work he’s done through his foundation for musicians and drugs is amazing. Such a shame that in the end he just couldn’t shake the darkness. 

Gonna miss that amazing voice of Chester’s, no one could scream and then sing so amazingly at the same time. 
It is a reminder to us all to tell those we love that we are always there for them no matter what. 

I myself believe that we go on and experience life again as something or someone else.

 Until we meet again…. 


In the End……..

I hope……


I hope when you are one hundred you are thinking about your next dinner date or social obligation than worry about getting old. May we all have as much, energy, style and spirit at this age.

I hope your nineties and eighties you are happy.  You are getting out enjoying nature, walks.  You are sitting in a park and watching wonderful children play and laugh.  I want you to smile and embrace this remarkable milestone.

I hope your seventies are healthy -Whatever life tools have helped you before, bring them out now and put them to work on your 70s challenges. 

I hope your sixties you dance, exercise, do more what lights you up.

I hope your fifties mean going back to school or starting yoga.

I hope your forties include falling in love with someone new – a friend, child, or partner. I hope you stay up all night laughing with your friends.

And when you’re thirty, learn something new. I hope your life is one of wisdom and youth, adventure and old age – no matter what year it was that you were born. What I really mean to say is that I hope you aren’t held back because of a number. And that you don’t rush into things because it feels like time is slipping by. I hope you do what’s right for you.

Hold on. Slow down. And breathe in. Your age is your age. But more importantly, your life is your life. Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else’s. We need to walk different paths so the whole world can be explored. Revel in the differences. And enjoy where you are.



One morning long ago I woke up feeling different.  I was done with trying to figure out who was with me, against me, or walking down the middle – because they did not have the guts to pick a side.

I was done with anything that did not bring me peace.  I realized that options were a dime a dozen, and loyalty was not a word, but a lifestyle.

It was the day my life changed.  Not because of a man, a job, but because I realized that life is way too short to leave my key to happiness in someone else’s pocket!!!!

Friends have a beautiful peaceful weekend.  Do what makes you happy!!!!!


I see things differently now!!!!!



I’m just a simple gal who has recently gone through a transformation that has altered my perspective on life. I see things very differently now and have a new way of looking at life that has really given me this passion.

I have discovered that the past and the future are truly nothing but illusions. The past has no power over you whatsoever – as for the future, no one can truly predict what is going to happen.

Life truly is a wonderful and beautiful creation when is being lived.

Everyone is equal, some just act differently because of the story playing inside their head – and your thoughts also have an effect on how you see someone!!

Let’s step out of our comfort zone and let’s act on what is important to us. Trust me, we are capable of doing the things that we dream of and more. All it takes is some courage and the willingness to face your fears. We can ignore reality but that’s not going to solve anything.

I have been given challenges. . .it has forced me to see things differently.


Is it ok to be in undies and tank top???

Yes. It’s perfectly alright.

I do this all the time. I walk around my apartment naked most of the times. On some days when friends are over I wear only panties.


When some friends are around, just to make them feel comfortable around me, I wear a tank top & panties or sometimes bra & panties. It’s just to make them feel less weird. I don’t actually care. I am more open to these things.

I sometimes end up on my patio lounging.

I have had occasions where I was naked around friends who visited my suite for a private dinner.. That’s a long story.

A girl should be a free spirit and do what she likes.

Sometimes we have to go thru the storm!!


I’m sailing on calm waters just after a major storm in my life. I’m at a point to where I can move about and prepare for the next storm.

 I know you don’t know the details but this last “storm” was a storm I have never endured. 

Through my own trials I now appreciate the supreme lesson that we are ultimately not in control. With this knowledge, I surrender to universal forces to shape my destiny.  (Thank you Niagara Falls gentlemen for being there for me – you know who you are)

If you are dealing with  a storm presently that  shall pass.

Life is unpredictable. No surprises there.

 Each challenge stretches you to grow beyond your comfort zone. 

You never know what lies around the corner waiting to test your resolve.

This shall pass friends!!!

Have a great week…xoxoxo

Have a great weekend!!!!


Get the sunscreen & shorts out, there’s a beautiful summer weekend ahead !!!!

 It’s shaping up to be the perfect summer weekend.  

I love how the sun reminds us to wake early and go to bed late, because these days are precious!!

Embrace the weekend my friends. Summer is now. Live well. 

I am in Mississauga still…