Happy Spring Friends! 🌸

The first day of spring is a celebration, as it regenerates our bodies and minds!

Spring is finally upon us! We can finally start ditching our winter coats and say goodbye to winter for another year. I always welcome the extra hours of sunlight. Spring is a major mood booster too. In fact, the longer the sun stays up, the less people feel distressed. So, be sure to get enough sunlight come springtime.

Happy spring my friends!!!! 💐

Easter A time to Give!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays 💞

Easter can provide valuable lessons for all of us. It is a time for renewal, a time to reassess life goals and make any necessary adjustments that result in positive changes.

Easter is a time of hope, a time to realize that as long as there is life, there are opportunities, and it is never too late to make constructive changes.

Easter is a time of caring, a time to act on Jesus christ – he has demonstrated in giving his life for us. It is a time to help us share his love with others.

Sweet friends, we are so blessed, and this would be a good opportunity for us to also be a blessing to someone else this Easter:

Share your bounty.
Do you know a family that’s going through difficult times financially? If you have the means, offer to take their children shopping for an Easter outfit or for some treats for their Easter baskets!

There are so many food banks in need of food – so go drop off what you can and help feed the needy! Donate today and help give your neighbours in need a fresh start by ensuring they have access to healthy and appropriate food.

Thank you

Stephanie 🙏

I am not for everyone!

I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, and neither are you and that’s more than okay. In fact, that’s great because it means we have distinct personalities, original ideas, personal opinions, and our own brands of creativity.

As much as I’d love for everyone to like me and my blog, it’s simply not the case.

We cannot let the opinions of others’ define our worth.

You are not for everyone, too.

There will always be people out there who don’t like you for one reason or another. Perhaps it’s jealously; maybe it’s simply that they don’t agree with your thinking, but in any case it really doesn’t matter.


Someone who is humble simply thinks that they are not the best, not necessarily that they are the worst but perhaps somewhere in the middle. People who are humble also do not boast of their accomplishments or abilities to others, they don’t rub it in .

Being able to learn from her mistakes contributes to the fact that a humble woman is quietly confident in herself. 

  • Her strong sense of self-awareness means she knows who she is, and what she’s capable of 
  • She’s open-minded and willing to grow. This continuous process of progress and achievement is a great confidence boost
  • Humble people tend to have a clear purpose in life. A humble woman knows her life path and doesn’t seek validation from others .

Humble person is not proud and does not believe that they are better then anyone else. He gave a great performance, but he was very humble.

Humble people are well aware of themselves. They know their strengths and skills. They come across as confident and polite, yet firm in their beliefs and actions. People with humility don’t feel the need to boast about the things they can do.

Other words, take the time to ‘count your blessings’, and be thankful for them. It is easy to get sucked into a negative spiral of wanting more, whether in yourself, or externally. Taking time to stop, and remember what you have to be grateful for, is a good way to cultivate a more humble, and positive, frame of mind.

Blessings xo

New New New!!!

Spring is so much more than a transitional time between frigid temperatures and balmy beach days. It’s a season of beautiful flowers and new beginnings & here is a new pic

I will kiss you , I will wrap you around my curvy porcelain soft skin. I WILL whisper in your ear, “I’m glad you’re here.

Looking forward to light and spring & you in my arms!!!

Spring News & Thoughts 🌸

I love waking up an hour or two before I start my day and just taking some time to myself. Often I am not able to control what happens in my day especially with my work schedule. I can control who I keep in my life & I  can control how I spend my mornings & my days with!

Taking time for yourself is so important for your mental health, but if you’re a busy person it’s not always easy to find the time. By making your mornings your you time then you’re able to prioritise yourself before anything has the chance to get in your way.

a new start

Everyone loves a new start. People often hype up a new year, or a new month, or a new week because new starts are great. But we don’t need to wait until January 1st – we get one every single day.

When the first signs of Spring appear I’m really the first person who’ll spend her days outside as much as possible. Exploring nature, have some walks and chill with friends. Yess, Spring is really my season. This is also the season to go on the hunt for the prettiest sun dresses .

As a result of this spring like weather – I’ve ordered some cute sundresses and doing another photo shoot the end of this month !

Let go and let the universe do its thing.” 

Happy Valentines Day!❤️

Lets celebrate all week !!!!

I don’t know about you but the idea of going out for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day sends me into a panic. Let’s be real, trying to find a table on February 14th can be challenging. So what else can we do? I think hanging out in bed all day is an inspired idea.

Lunch in bed. Why not? Who says breakfast is the only meal you can have in bed?  or just skip food and go straight for some delicious me and you time under my duvet. 

I love my bed, but I love you more in it with me ,,

Much love xo

Social Media!!!

IF a stranger were to scroll through my twitter and blogs, there is not much they will see/ know in my personal life. There are no pictures of my relationships, no captions detailing my innermost private feelings .

That is intentional. While I appreciate and value others’ more intimate and vulnerable posts, I also know it’s OK to choose not to share those personal moments on social media.

I DO allow them to know me as I write from my heart about Stephanie!

First of all, no one needs to know where I am and what I am doing at each moment, and few people even have a right to know those things. We tend to forget that our closest friends have had to earn the privilege of receiving our trust throughout time. In doing so, we often end up giving it to our online followers for free (whether deserved or not).

I have found that the less I share online, the more meaningful my in-person experiences become. It’s not just the difference between watching a sunset and taking pictures of it either. When I hear big news from a friend in person, rather than on social media, for instance, there’s an authentic sense of shared excitement and celebration that can’t be replicated online.

To be honest private life is the most peaceful life. Detaching from social media and attaching to the inner soul brings peace into my life!

It’s what’s inside that counts

‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts”

Waking up in the morning, and this was what I was reminded by a tea bag. It is such a true and interesting concept isn’t it?

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Finding something, little things that would sooth you might be more important than getting that shinning star that everyone is talking about.

This sentence really sums up the importance of the inner peace, emotional wellbeing, and mental health.

It’s nice to be reminded to get a tea bag, relax a bit, have a deep breath, and take a good care of ourselves.