A bit about me…

I’ve thought about this questions for a while and how people’s opinions on this are. I don’t really see it as being selfish in a way, but more like a way to attract attention to oneself. That’s why I don’t tell other people when my birthday is unless they directly ask me, as I’m more of an introvert who doesn’t like the spotlight.

Some people will have no respect for my time. Whether it’s friends or clients, I / we escorts deal with some individuals who can’t seem to understand we all have a schedule . So what I do is put distance between these people very quickly 👍

Now for the fake people…the ones behind the phone apps, emails, “They think they’re smart by using the app to try to disguise who they are, but usually there’s some sort of a footprint left behind.” “I treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to me – not because they are nice, but because I am.”

No longer do I feel that I have to be perfect. Life is not fair at times and I have come to accept that there may always be someone who is smarter, more successful or more talented than I. I know in my heart that I have tried to live my life . If people are not willing to accept me for who I am, then I do not need to be accepted by them. Knowing that I put a hundred percent effort in the Stephanie world, I am completely satisfied with the person I am.

I am a firm believer in KARMA….Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can’t get away with screwing people over your whole life, I don’t care who you are. What goes around comes around. That’s how it works. Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve!!

I don’t take things for granted.  I appreciate the people in my life – I never know how long I will have with them.

Back to School..📚

The beginning of school year is alot like Christmas. For the most part, the kids are excited and everything is shiny and new. And, as during the holidays, the economic pinch kicks in – and some families go without!

Now, it is my privilege to be in a position to give back – and I recently am buying knapsacks, school supplies and going to be dropping off to my local food bank.

It is to be able to give them something new to go back to school with. Think of yourself when you were younger and you went back to school that first day how proud you were to have that new backpack and new lunch box. It really does make a difference for these kids.”

I want to give some children the chance to go to school with their heads held high!

There are a lot of big, unwieldy, anxiety-inducing problems facing the world right now, but sending a child to school with a new backpack and sharp pencils to start the year off right💕

Escort Grief!!!

An Escorts Grief……

When a client dies…

I had known Mr. R for 8 years!!!
I was shocked hearing that this client had died ..
I went over our last session in my mind. With a sparkle in his eyes as he walked out with his usual kiss….his usual goodbye…“See you in a few weeks.!” This was to be my final lasting impression of him. . I wanted to go back in time and re-explore our time together..
I wanted the chance to say good-bye.

So I began my grieving process, a very different journey of grieving than I had ever experienced before. Mine is a very peculiar profession. While I establish a professional and real connection with my clients, I also create boundaries to avoid merging with their personal lives – but when it comes to health and the well being my heart and soul is there.

The sudden unanticipated death of a client is difficult.

The ethical and legal boundaries of my profession cut me off opportunities. – I was not allowed to connect with my deceased client’s family members.. So I say a prayer by myself and will cherish our memories 🙏

I’m very fond of all my clients. I have a great deal of affection for them. I’d even call it a type of love, though it’s not the kind of love that comes with rings and promises. The job I do requires naked intimacy – emotional and mental as well as physical – and my nature makes it impossible to have that intimacy without forming an emotional bond.

Sometimes they drive me mad, much as friends do. Some more than others.

Now go take on the world, go live life to the fullest.❤

Hello August…

With joy in my heart, I welcome you all to this month of Aug. Amidst the struggles of the coronavirus pandemic you are alive and have successfully entered the second half of the year 2020.

I am so excited Ontario finally is able to reopen our doors,” Stage 3 ❤❤

I did a new photo shoot a few weeks ago. All pics on my website! !!

A new month brings new opportunities, new ideas, new expectations. I wish that you make the most of them.

Have a great August!

Happy Canada Day!!!

I can’t believe Canada Day will be here Wed! I know, it’s going to be so different this year …

The parade is always a highly anticipated event full of fun for me!  I definitely will miss you.

This year has been a hard adjustment and I too feel sad about missing the festivities.

If there’s one thing I have learned during this pandemic, it’s that nothing is guaranteed in life, so live it day to day instead of fretting about tomorrow.

On July 1, that day is Canada Day and we’re making progress in a challenge we’ve never faced.

That alone is reason to celebrate. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

June 16th on the road North!

Let me try this again!!!!

The last 3 months, however, have introduced new challenges for everyone around the world as we grapple with a reality that looks very different than it did at the beginning of 2020. We have all been challenged in many ways: experiencing a loss of connection with family and friends. To some, especially people living in urban centres and areas without easy access to green space, it may feel like losing touch with the outside world completely. Sometimes we’re not aware how important that connection is until it’s gone.

Even though my sense of adventure disappeared for a while, Northern Ontario did not.

A couple of weeks ago I went on my Northern Ont. tour.

The world was still very upside down. I made it to Barrie & Sudbury only. Along the highways nothing was open – which made my trip feeling isolated and uncomfortable . That is why I am letting you know I am ready and leaving again . Tues. June 16th…..Things are opening up again. Thank goodness I will be able to stop and use a washroom instead of using the bush.😄

Looking forward to Barrie…Sudbury…Sault Ste Marie…and ?????


I have always prided myself that I try not to judge a book by its cover, or, in other words – not to judge a person by the way they look – the color of their skin – or their ethnicity. Although I know I have failed at times, I put my best foot forward and put my vow to work and love all people equally.

My point – take time to get to know people – to learn about them – to listen to them. We can’t keep assuming we know who they are or what they are about merely by what they wear or the color of their skin – or their ethnicity. We are all more than that and it is more important to learn what is on the inside than what is on the outside. In the times we live in now, we don’t take time to get to know the person – we judge them by the way they look – of the country of origin where they came – or the fact that the color of their skin does not match the color of mine. We are more than that.

In my business I engage with all races. Actually a very large percentage of my clients are not WHITE!! I am often asked if I will see Indians, Black men??? I look beyond your skin color – but I’ll judge you on what really matters, namely, “the content of your character.”

A quote I read today and fell in love with – “Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color”

And finally, remember that judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.

Love Stephanie 💏

Its feeling right💕

In the very beginning of the lockdown you start thinking, Oh, this is just a quick thing it’ll be done in a couple of days,” . “And then a couple of weeks into it, you start reading into conspiracy theories … and then you get past that point, then – when is it going to go back” to normal? There is no normal.. A new normal!!!!

I’m glad medical experts with different opinions on the lock-downs are finally speaking up. I think a lot of people are ready to accept life with this virus and don’t have high hopes for vaccines coming anytime soon. I’m so over the Ontario government health bureaucrats running the show.

People are literally dying from the lockdown, so many suicides, drug overdoses, physical abuse, other health related problems. God bless all…

Im grateful for our military for stepping in to help long term care.. God bless the innocent souls who were abused and died from not being properly cared for.. Military people thank you for discovering our Government run LTN how corrupt they are.

There isn’t a right time for anything. There’s no such thing as perfect timing. If it feels right, just go for it today. 

That being said.. It feels right for me to go on the road.. Thurs.Barrie…