Paint Me Wet!!!

art1 A painting of me..

If you really want to get your feet wet, let’s explore with edible body paint. I love the feel against my skin. It is arousing and erotic. It is having the ability to connect with inner beauty. I let go and feel free – a perfect picture. 

Dip your fingers in edible body paint, and use them to ‘sponge paint’ my entire body. Then lick it off.”

Excited! And, not gonna lie, kinda hungry! We  will skip dessert so that I would be particularly sugar-crazed.

You apply the body paint to my breasts and body – pretty delicious foreplay!!


Who is she???


Who does she think she is???  It appears she is someone living her life.  Unconcerned with what some think she is.

One day it just clicked, I realized what is important and what is not.  I learnt to care less about what people thought of me, and more about what I think of myself.  I realized how far I became.  I smile.

I am not in a competition with anyone else. I run my own race. I have no desire to play the game of being better than everyone else around me, in any way, shape, or form. Ijust aim to improve, to become a better person than I was. That’s me and I’m free.

Don’t try to figure me out – just accept me for who I am.



Painting of me…


A thank you for your painting of me ..How sweet! That was one thoughtful, beautiful gift.,..xoxo

If you were an artist
how would you paint me?
With deep solid strokes 
or your brush sweeping softly?
Would you paint me by number,
quickly fill in the lines
or sketch me first, 
taking your time? 
Would you use vibrant colors
or plain shades of gray?
Would you change me in any way?
Would you hang me proudly
and gaze at me often
or tuck me away
until I’m forgotten?

Enjoying my travels this summer – and will continue……

ice cream

Ever since I was a kid, just going around the ‘next bend’ on my bicycle, I have always loved the adventure of travel – the unknown, something different, something new. And I feel the same way today!!

I love the freedom. I experience a great feeling of independence from traveling. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. I can sleep in. I can stay out late. 

I love meeting new people all the time. In no other time in my life have I met so many people and made so many new friends in such a short time.  The world is full of friendly, generous people. Sure, every place has its share of nitwits too, but as a traveler, you seem much less likely to meet them.  Maybe because people want to help you or maybe because you just don’t know some people long enough . Since the nature of travel is to keep moving, these folks never become boring… because you simply don’t know them long enough to discover their flaws.

All this also shows me how easy it would be just to live somewhere else… anywhere else really.  Staying in each place for an extended bit of time taught me how I could make friends,  live comfortably.

 I’m addicted to travelling, we can meet new people – especially love talking with them, and we can understand their way of life. When I plan a trip away, I always create a list of places that I want to visit, and make sure I visit those places.    

It makes me happy to be going places..You only live once.

Exciting updates – Touring and photo-shoot!!!


August is almost over – I hope everyone is enjoy the last week of August.  Back to school soon, and August month end wrap up…

First off I would like to thank the downtown boys for a great couple of days I had downtown with you. 

I am in Mississauga till Sun. Aug 28th evening.

Barrie Monday August 29th – I am coming back for a few days as my last trip I was fully booked and could not see a lot of you.

Kingston bounds Tues. Sept 6th, till ???

I will be doing another photo shoot mid September.

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend! Here’s to another great week!!

Wishing you all a great week ahead, with smiles happiness, and all of the good things in life.


Beauty of my early morning!!


It’s just me and the rain, early this morning. Did some yoga, drinking my coffee, writing a few lines in my blog.

These extra hours are like gold to me. Our lives are so hectic in one form or another, any time that we can set aside to just be – is so valuable and rare. Make time to allow yourself to simply exist, to breathe in a new day and sit quietly.

Have a great day!!!



A little Role-Playing…


 I always loved to role-play ever since I was a little girl. I like how you can get really creative with the stories and the characters. I love how you use your imagination while you role-play.  Its really fascinating.

Role-playing allows us to explore our imaginations with a person who feels comfortable, safe, and familiar. We can live out the situations that everyone dreams of  seductive bad boys, long-time friends hooking up, fictional characters – in a safe space, cradled in each other’s arms.

Role playing is a great way of spicing up your life. Let your imagination run wild and experience some amazing hot playing in a variety of ways. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Example of role play…

The luxury call girl and the client!!!!
You’re so sexy and such an expert in what you do that your man is willing to pay a lot to have you! For you, anything is permitted: provocative clothing, daring techniques, dirty talk… but no kissing. Why not arrange to find him, alone, sat at the bar of a classy hotel? Act out the scenario then return home to seal the deal!

Why’s it so hot?
You’re the call girl who knows how to please, seduce, keep a man begging… and make him pay up! Not being able to kiss you will drive your lover mad with desire.

If you haven’t tried role- playing, or haven’t even considered it, you might be missing out on an exciting opportunity to explore your sexuality beyond your comfort zone and have toe-curling, headboard-rattling fun! And isn’t that the point?

Rain on my body!!!

window c

When I woke up this morning, looked outside and saw  black clouds, I had one thought:

1. AMAZING! It’s going to rain!

I personally love the rain. It inspires me, it motivates me and it makes me happy. And it’s just so good for the environment when it’s so hot, dry and arid – we NEED water.

There I was –  super slippery streets in flimsy flip flops, I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Look at where we live! It is still so beautiful, even when drenched in water and covered in dramatic grey clouds. And what’s wrong with getting a totally soggy? I have a hairdryer, I have a change of clothes, I have some comfort food and red wine at home to settle in for the night…


Why Judge ???

bruce 2

That moment was a real wake up call, when people judge others by the way they look. It made me wonder how many people a day are judged based on their appearance. Looking at someone can not tell you who they really are – all it does is allow others to make assumptions about them. I believe in getting to know the real person, the person beneath the stern face or the dark skin. Only then can you give a true opinion. On a daily basis there are many people that you see but never have a chance to meet. So meet as many people as you can, take the time to really get to know them for the people they are and not the way others perceive them to be.( I love meeting new meeting)

When you look at a personality you are looking at a person’s soul. You see a life with in a life.

In my opinion, personality is the way to go and not looks. You find more out about the person, and don’t have to worry about whether the person is cute or not. Judging people on their looks is a form of racism and most people don’t realize that.  Judging people on their looks is a form of racism and most people don’t realize that. … So don’t be racist, don’t judge! … Don’t judge a book by the cover!!!!